If you want your headlights to look your best and you want your car to look sharp, you are going to need to decide whether you want to invest in LED or HID lights. Each type of light has its own strengths and weaknesses and the type of light you choose is going to depend on your preferences and what kind of look you are going for. Read on to learn about the differences between LED and HID lights so you can choose the right lights for your vehicle.

What You Need To Know About HID Lights

HID lights are very bright and they definitely make your car stand out. They are fairly durable, but they have filaments and parts that move which will make them wear out faster than a LED headlight. They are average when it comes to being energy-efficient and you can install them yourself in about an hour.

HID bulbs have an average lifespan of 5000 hours and they draw an average amount of power from your car. They come in a variety of colors and you can usually choose from 7 different colors for your lights. They warm up fast and they are also affordable.

What You Need To Know About LED Lights

LED headlights are very durable since they don't have any moving parts. They are difficult to break and they are also shockproof. If you are looking for a light that is very durable you are going to want to consider the LED lights since they are so strong. They are the most energy efficient and they are fast and easy to install. Most people can install them in just about 30 minutes.

Unlike HID bulbs, they don't give off much heat and they last an average of 25,000 hours which is five times longer than HID bulbs. If you don't want to have to replace your bulbs often you are going to want to invest in LED bulbs instead of HID bulbs. They also don't draw much power from your car which is going to put less of a burden on your electric system. The headlights come in four colors and they warm up fast. 

The Benefits Of HID Headlights

HID headlights are very common and people tend to use them in place of halogen headlights. HID bulbs are very bright and they are much brighter than LED bulbs. They make a statement and everyone is going to notice you on the road. This can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing. The bright lights can be annoying to people in front of you since it makes it hard for them to see. 

On the other hand, the bulbs are so bright that they make it easy to see when you are driving alone in the dark. You can see more of the road in front of you and you can also see out to the sides better. Since they are so bright, they are going to burn out faster than LED bulbs. You also get to choose from more colors when you choose the HID bulbs and it is easy to choose a color that is going to work well with your color preferences. Sometimes the color intensity of the bulb can change and the bulb might burn brighter or become dimmer. If you want a light that is going to be steady and predictable, the LED headlights from http://www.diodedynamics.com are going to be a better choice for your situations.

Why Choose HID Bulbs?

One of the main reasons why you might want to choose HID bulbs is if you are looking for a very bright light and you want to customize your car with a unique color. HID bulbs are also cheaper than LED bulbs. If you are looking for a bulb that produces the most light, then HID bulbs are what you want. Be aware that you will have to replace them more often than LED bulbs.

Why Choose LED Headlights?

LED lights will provide you with a bright and clear light that is going to last a long time. LED light are also easier on your car and they will save you money since they last for so long. The price of the lights are continuing to come down and even though they are more expensive than HID lights, they are going to last a lot longer as well. You can expect to get your money's worth when you invest in LED light and they are going to help you get the most out of your car.

Many people enjoy their LED lights for decades so you are really making a one time investment in your car. It is very likely that the LED lights are going to last the life of your car. If you are planning on keeping your car for the long term you will have one less thing to worry about when you invest in LED lights since they last for so long. You won't have to keep replacing your lights and you won't have to pay for any repair or maintenance fees on your headlights. The lights are also very easy to install yourself if you don't want to pay a mechanic to do it. 

If you are looking for headlights that are reliable and efficient, then you want to choose LED lights. LED lights won't let you down and chances are that you will never need to replace them. They can last as long as you have your car and the quality of the lights are very good. LED lights have a higher initial cost, but they pay for themselves over and over again since the operating costs are so much lower. 

LED lights are better for your car and they will help you see everything you need to see when you are on the road. While you don't get the same color options with LED lights, there are still plenty of colors to choose from and you can easily customize your car.