If you’re bored of your old car speakers and cannot tolerate their sound anymore, it’s time to get new car speakers and spice up the music.

Buying new car speakers is an interesting task. You’ve got quite a lot of options, offering different specs and features. While the choice completely depends on your preference, there are a few significant things to look out for when buying new car speakers.

Component or Full-Range

Initially, you’ll have to decide if you want component or full-range speakers for your car.

Full-Range Speakers are the usual speaker systems you’re likely to find in most of the vehicles out there. They’re more affordable, simple to install and more compact.

Full-Range speakers are best suited for those looking for a basic replacement for their blown-out speakers. 
You can get good quality music out of these speakers however, full-range speakers aren’t ideal for music enthusiasts as they aren’t quite dynamic and customizable.

Component speaker systems are more suitable for people seeking extremely high quality of music, with more bass. Each speaker in this system is freestanding and they’re designed to provide premium quality of sound. Component speakers have separate tweeters and woofers, resulting in better sound production from each speaker. These systems are more advanced and highly customizable.

For all the music lovers looking to get the most out of their stereo systems, component speaker systems are highly recommended. If you’re still confused and cannot decide which speaker to get, you can check out the best 6x9 speakers by Speaker Champion.


The next thing to look out for while choosing new car speakers is sensitivity. Sensitivity is basically the measure of how much sound the speakers can produce using the power supplied to them. For example, if you’ve got a usual low-powered car stereo (<15 watts RMS/channel), the ideal decision would be to get a speaker system with high sensitivity (>90 dB).

Similarly, if your stereo system is high-powered, a speaker system with low sensitivity ratings will make the best match.


Your speakers’ capability of handling power is another thing to look out for. To get the best sound quality out of your system, you must get speakers that are capable of handling the power produced by the head unit. 

For a system with powerful external amplifiers, you’ll need speakers that can handle the output from the head unit.

Speaker Materials

The materials used in a speaker system can impact the lifespan, durability and quality of sound produced hence, you must also look out for the materials used in the speakers.

For Woofers, the ideal material is polypropylene as it is lightweight and stiff and produces accurate bass. Another acceptable material can be woven fabric.

For Tweeters, soft materials must be preferred to get better sound out of the speakers. These include textile blends, polyurethane and silk.

For the Surround, the casing around woofers, the best suited material is rubber however, foam and cloth would do just fine as well.

Other Features

You may also look out for some other features while purchasing new car speakers. Here are some additional features that you might be interested in, to enhance your audio.

Detachable Tweeters

Speakers that come with detachable tweeters can either be used as full-rage speakers or component speakers. This additional feature comes in handy if you’re seeking more freedom with your speaker system.

Pivoting Tweeters

Pivoting tweeters can be used to aim the sound right towards the listener, in order to enhance the audio experience.

External Crossovers

External Crossovers are found in some full-range speakers. External crossovers are aimed at separating the frequencies sent to the woofer and the tweeter. This results in cleaner, more efficient and better sounding audio.