If stock standard isn't fast enough for you, there are always more ways to add a little more horsepower via ECU tuning. This refers to modifying an erasable programmable readonly memorychip in the ECU to achieve a higher and superior performance in either power, cleaner emissions,or better fuel efficiency. Do not that vehicles that opt for a remapped electronic control unit may be more sensitive to fuel quality and service schedules too.

In general, ECU tuning tweak performance gains, and this is realized by adjusting the ignition timing advance. Since different timing results in better performance, this requires one to run high-octane gasoline to avoid pre-ignition detonation or pinging. ECU tuning is sensitive in this manner, so specific timing must be designed, since standard chips limit performance accordingly.

The standard ECU settings may produce a standard amount of horsepower with limited performance, since most manufacturers opt to tune the chips to gain optimum emissionsand fuel economy.

Chip tuning can easily bypass a manufacturer's chip settings in most VW and Audi cars. For example, Unitronic's Stage 1 ECU upgrade will boost a VW Golf R from its stock power of 296hp and 280 lb-tq to a monstrous 355hp and 338 lb-tq. In a stock standard Audi A4, its stock power of 160hp and 184 lb-tq gets pushed up higher to 189hp and 226 lb-tq.

All of this is done without any other changes to the vehicle's hardware. The ECU upgrade alone can realize large gains throughout the power band and this typically means an increase horsepower and torque translating to an exceptionally quicker vehicle.

How to install

You'll need to locate a dealer who provides such tuning and ECU re-calibration. No other hardware mods are required.

What will it do

Power delivery will provide a large increase in low RPM torque delivering an increase in top end power. Opt for industry leaders such as Unitronic performance software to match the demand for performance and reliability. It is important to only let a professional do this for you. Don't attempt to tinker it on your own.

What will it feature

Massive performance gains in horsepower and excellent fuel consuption along with reliable daily driving comfort and pleasure. Not everyone gets their ECU re-calibrated just for its additional horses added to the power of the stock car.

Power upgrades

Performance gains vary depending on the stage of ECU tuning, but its gains can be quite substantial. Generally, this just means you've got a whole lot more powerful vehicle there. On top of power, there's also optimized responsiveness and driving smoothness.

On a final note, always remember to let someone who is trained and is a professional to do this for you. You don't want to get it wrong.