The latest model released by Winnebago Industries has received a lot of positive press during the last couple of months.  Expert testers have pulled the vehicle apart during their assessments and discovered that it ranks pretty well.

Not only does it feature more safety devices than anything released onto the market previously, but it also offers the utmost comfort. On top of that, there is enough room in the side compartment to fit a brand new BMW Urban Racer concept motorcycle. So, it should come as no surprise this vehicle was a prime candidate for drop testing. That occurred a few weeks ago now, and the results are in.

Just for anyone who doesn’t understand the concept of drop testing, we’re going to provide a brief and basic explanation. However, most of you should get the idea by simply reading the name. It works like this. Experts hold the model in the air upside down using a crane. They then drop it on its head in an attempt to work out how well made the vehicle might be. Thankfully, the new edition from Winnebago passed with flying colors.

Americans have a long relationship with RVs, and they are used thousands of times every year up and down the country. While most people simply hire a suitable vehicle as and when they want it, it is hoped the drop testing results will encourage more folks to make a purchase. The model might have only been dropped from three feet, but you can tell a lot about durability from the outcome. Some less than high-quality vehicles have fallen apart from such stress. However, the new Winnebago came out unscathed.

Does that mean the Iowa-based manufacturer is onto a winner with their new sleek designs? Almost certainly. While they are still a little too expensive for the average family to afford, you will soon discover them appearing on the second-hand market. Anyone who wants to keep an eye on the market should visit and similar sites periodically. Doing that will ensure you are the first to know when they arrive.

Alongside the chassis staying in good condition, drivers will be happy to learn that inside elements were also untouched. The model’s kitchen unit still worked perfectly after the drop, as did the toilet. Even the seating area came out without too many problems. That should help to highlight how fantastically designed and constructed these models are.

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Will we see more testing of that nature from other manufacturers in the future? We sincerely hope so. Not only does it sort the wheat from the chaff, but it also lets consumers know how their will fare if an accident occurs. At the end of the day, nobody wants to use a vehicle that crumples with the slightest bump. Drop testing allows car makers to show their customers how sturdy their models can be. So, perhaps Ford, BMW, and other top brands will follow suit? We can but hope!

Keep an eye out for more released from Winnebago in the next six months. Word on the grapevine is they have something very special in the pipeline.