Ford is set to release its new model Focus complete with four-wheel drive. The Ford Focus RS continues Ford’s current offensive in the performance cars arena. The Focus is one of Ford’s best-selling models popular across the world. The RS has broken trend though by becoming the first Ford Focus to get built with four-wheel drive.

In true Ford style, the RS is set to be a trendsetter in high performance and low-cost Ford vehicles. Clocking in at under £30,000 the Ford Focus RS looks set to be the most popular Focus model to date. Though it might be possible to pick up cheaper models from the likes of carbase in Weston Super Mare.  It is sure to shake things up among the market contenders, rivalling even the most formidable of competition.

Following in the footsteps of Audi and Mercedes, who did the same, Ford eventually buckled and decided to fit a four-wheel drive system. This adds an extra dimension to an already popular model of performance and endurance cars.

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Ford’s global development team explained that the cost wasn’t an issue for them. They just wanted to make a high-quality, high-value performance vehicle. And most important of all they wanted it to be one that consumers could afford. The unprecedented four-wheel drive design allows 70% of the vehicles power to go to the rear wheels. This allows for manoeuvrability and control while also maintaining the same power.

It’s also an incredibly light-weight system. The entire four-wheel drive system that Ford have installed weighs almost nothing. It adds only around twenty kilograms to the vehicle itself. This still allows for the car to move at a rapid rate, improves the control of the vehicle and at the same time still allows extreme power.

That’s not all though. The engine in this car is a 2.3 litre EcoBoost Engine. The same engine used by famed US muscle car the Mustang. It contains improved airflow and the deep purring growl that we all love to hear from a great engine.

The RS’s power exceeds 318 break horse power that is already powerful enough. There has been talk of future power upgrades too. Despite its enormous power, there have been concerns voiced over the car’s fuel efficiency. Ford have remained coy about the issue. They've stated that the economy and emission would be much better than they had been on previous RS models.

It's thought that Ford went through five designs of the new RS before settling on the current one. They’ve managed to capture the sleek, brooding almost animal-like look of previous Ford’s. The RS means business. It’s here to make waves and to set a benchmark to its competitors. It’s here to show it’s possible to have power in the people’s car. It’s sporty looking and fast looking. But it could also look at home sat in a suburban driveway. The beauty of Ford is they have always been the people’s car. They’ve always been family friendly. The RS is no exception, but it certainly has the extra bite previous Fords have been lacking.

The new Ford Focus RS is available in an array of different colours and goes on sale across the world next year.