Hertz is going ‘green’ with their new green car washing system that has been set up at 200 of its rental locations. Many companies worldwide are going ‘green’ with hopes to help the environment, save money with energy-efficient technology.

Hertz takes the lead however with their new car washing system that they hope to continue worldwide if the first 200 systems are successful. These new car washing systems are thought to save nearly 130 million gallons of water every year. Hertz wants to expand this non-toxic car washing system to over 3,700 locations in the United States and Europe, depending on their opinion on how the first 200 stores react to the new car washing systems that will be in place.

The new system will save money on energy as the water will not have to be treated and heated before it is even used on cars. Hertz will also be saving a great deal of money as it will not need to pay for 130 million gallons of water anymore. The chairman and chief executive of Hertz, Mark P. Frissora, said that Hertz has to manage one of the largest rental fleets in the world. Because of this, a lot of time is spent washing and maintaining these cars.

The new systems will mean that Hertz will be addressing sustainability issues and business needs. As well as helping the environment, Hertz continues to offer people the cheapest car rentals around.

Green Team Partner created this new car washing system. The washing process conserves water while avoiding the use of toxic cleaners. The new system is a biodegradable, hyper-concentrated car wash formula. The dispenser reduces product volume by 79 percent.

With the new system, a car can be washed with only 6 ounces of solution, taking only 8 minutes to complete. A small amount of solution is sprayed onto the car and its molecules safely lift dirt particles away from the car’s paint. This is followed by a microfiber towel which is used to wipe the dirt away from the surface. Some of Hertz facilities are also to be redesigned which involves switching over to LED lights and installing solar power systems to help generate energy.