Toyota's FV2 concept car gets shown off in the flesh. The automaker had the FV2 on display at its CES 2014 booth. Its built is pure futuristic. Toyota can be sexy again with this.

Using unconventional four-wheel placement to its augmented reality windshield with built-in mood sensing cameras to all of its LEDs placed across its body of curved displays, the entire FV2 concept vehicle is pretty insane. Check out the video below:

"Toyota envisions an ever-developing driver-vehicle relationship. Both the driver and the Toyota FV2 can grow together. The vehicle uses voice and image recognition to determine the driver's mood, accumulated driving history to suggest destinations, and driving skill information to assist the user. In addition to an augmented reality display on the windshield, the body color and exterior display can be changed at will, creating a more intimate relationship between vehicle and driver. The vehicle and driver become partners in mobility."