Mazda is making their cars more efficient via its Skyactiv program. Autonews says that the manufacturer is continuing to improve the efficiency of the car by thirty percent.

According to Mitsuo Hitomi, the executive officer in charge of powertrain development at Mazda, "If we want to dramatically improve fuel economy from here, the only route is through lean burning," adding that "the next step is the 2020 European regulations" (95 g/Km CO2).

The automaker also wants to employ what they call the HCCI or homogenous charge compression ignition. It uses pressure to ignite the fuel/air mixture, instead of a traditional spark.

Following the second gen Skyactiv will be Skyactiv 3, in the year 2025. The goal will be lowering emissions further to 65 g/Km CO2, and bringing a proportional increase in efficiency too.