This short film is titled "You Only Live Twice", and it is about an astronaut who crashlanded on a desolate planet. He's alone, and has a photograph reminding him of his lost love.

But then, he discovers he can create projections that come to life, giving him, sort of a second chance at life.

The film comes from Wildlife - Jake Friedman and Scott Friendman - who were responsible for Terry Crews "Old Spice Muscle Music" video a while back. Over at Directors Notes, they give some details about the making of this video:
We only had one day to shoot this thing out near Joshua Tree and of course the weekend of the shoot temperatures reached 106 degrees! Let’s just say our astronaut had an easy time getting into character as exhausted, sweaty and starving. He was a real trooper and gave an incredible performance that brought a heightened level of emotion to the video.


Many of the crystal elements were animated by hand keyframing to give their reveals a kinetic, almost time-lapse growth effect like you would see with high-speed footage of a flower growing. In addition, several key elements were simulated with cloth-dynamics to give organic animation effects to the cars, trees, houses and other structures that needed to emerge and form out of the ground.
Check it out below:

[via Directors Notes]