Weekend means movies, friends, and popcorn. After a tiring week, we all want to relax at the weekend. There is no enjoyment as beautiful as watching movies online. Nowadays, there are ample sites where you will find some of the best Hollywood and Bollywood movies. You can get every genre of movies such as romance, action, adventure, sci-fi, biographical, horror, and other movies. If you want good sites to watch movies online, see the list below:

1. Netflix

Netflix is the most famous site to get all the latest TV shows and movies in a few minutes. The user interface of this site is very amazing with proper division of all the different headings. This site shows you the most popular movies and TV shows, the latest ones, and others. You can bookmark movies and shows to watch at a later point in time.

2. 1Movies

The next on the list is 1movies. It has various video resolutions such as 720p and 1080p to watch movies on a wider screen. You can easily find movies of different genres in this site. It has a simple login feature to stream online all the new and old movies. 

3. YouTube

Yes, you heard it right. YouTube also gives you the comfort to watch movies online. You can get many famous movies, TV shows and popular videos on this site. YouTube has an amazing user-interface to find your favorite movies and TV shows. Apart from that, it does not charge anything.

4. Hulu

The next on the list of best sites is Hulu. It is one of the most excellent sites for movies as well as TV shows. You can watch any movies, show or animated series on this site without paying money. In addition to that, it has different video formats for enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows more and more. Hulu app also has many nice cartoon movies and shows for kids.

5. Amazon Prime

If you want to enjoy watching movies and TV shows at lower prices, Amazon Prime is the best option. It is updated regularly with new TV shows, movies, and animated series. There are also many beautiful videos which you can enjoy on your Android devices. The user interface of Amazon Prime is simple and easy to understand.

6. Vumoo

The last on the list is Vumoo site. This site contains some of the most outstanding movies of all time. It has an easy user interface with simple navigation. There are different categories which make it simple for you to find Oscar-winning movies and recently added shows. Apart from that, you can choose your different video formats in which you want to enjoy movies and TV shows. More than 1 million people have downloaded Vumoo app to watch movies and TV shows online for free of charge.

So now, you can try these sites to watch movies online on your Android mobiles, tablets, laptops and PCs. In addition to that, they are safe sites for watching online content.