First dates can be daunting, and whether you like who you're meeting for dinner, you'll still want to make a good impression. What is the rudest thing you can do on a first date?

Apparently it isn't babbling on and on about an ex that annoys people, but more surprisingly taking a smoke break on a first date. 51 percent of singles said that it was a deal breaker - even worse than checking your phone or being late, according to a new survey by

The dating website surveyed over 1,000 members between November and December 2013, and included both smokers and non-smokers. The survey found that 57 percent of singles said they would never date a smoker, and even 60 percent of fellow smokers had reservations about dating someone else with the same habit! And since first dates are all about first impressions, flaunting this 'bad habit' probably isn't the best idea.

Although, some would argue they'd rather be upfront and honest about their lifestyle choices than spring it on their love interest on their, say, third date.

Which would you rather? Keep your smoking habit a secret until you know your date better? Or have them know what you're really like. After all, aren't we supposed to find someone we're comfortable with and whom we can be ourselves with?