When it comes to sex, men and women have different ideas about different sex positions. Like missionary for example. Some positions are great for both parties, but some appeal more to men than women, or vice versa.

Here are what some men and women had to say about these six sex positions:

1. Missionary
He Said: "It's just so basic," says Charlie, 26, "I feel like there's no spark there; no excitement. Like, 'sure, let's do the most boring move ever tonight.' I don’t think any guy is really, really into it anymore."

She Said: "Who doesn't love missionary? You can grab his butt, caress his body, and do that fun thing where you squeeze your kegel muscles while he's inside you to make it more pleasurable for him. I'm a fan!" — Jen, 37

2. Doggy Style

He Said: "This is my personal favorite. It's the kind of sex married people remember fondly. This is the kind of sex we give each other a high five after. Great job, kid." — Steven, 26

She Said: "This one gets five stars. The human body was absolutely built to facilitate this position. It's an especially good one for quickies in public. It also lends itself to hair pulling and ass slapping, which never hurts (unless you want it to)." — Ashley, 25

3. Girl On Top
He Said: "Girl on top is great because it gives me a chance to relax. But it's tough, because if she's a pro it's hard to hold your own." — Timmy, 25

She Said: "As a control freak, girl on top is the best. I'm in total control of how fast or slow we go, and the angle allows for deeper penetration. I can always make sure that I get to finish too!" — Helena, 27

4. Reverse Cowgirl
He Said: "I really want this position to work better than it has in the past. I don't feel physically comfortable with a girl in this position. It's hard to get a good grip... I'll accidentally slip out. Ever stub your toe? Sucks right? Try stubbing your dick on a girls vagina. It is not enjoyable. This requires teamwork. Still, I'll give a conditional approval if we gameplan this accordingly." — Steven, 26

She Said: "I CANNOT stand the reverse cowgirl. I don't want to stare at your spread legs and rough man feet while I'm getting off. That big vacant space in the bed makes me feel like I'm home alone using my vibrator, and that's just damn depressing. Also, I'm not your porn star, and I know that's all you're thinking while you watch my ass bounce up and down like it has no sense. No reverse cowgirl for me. This is not the wild west." — Ash, 25

5. The Spoon
He Said: "The spoon is the wakeup in the morning 'I'm tired and horny position.' It's a nice, slow, and relaxing way to start your day." — Colin, 26

She Said: "This position is very conducive to multitasking, because you can nap at the same time." — Vicky, 35

6. Anal Sex
He Said: "Been there. Tried that. Didn't love it. There was something weird about putting my member in my girlfriend's butt. I'll admit that I was really obsessed with having anal before I had it, but now I'm over it. I'd rather have sex that pleasures her, too." — Kyle, 34

She Said: "Nope. Never done it, and never will. I have a vagina for a reason and that’s where the goodies go," — Jennie, 26.