A new study found that hooking up in college may be linked to short-term depression. The study, published in the Journal of Sex Research, was conducted by researchers from Syracuse and Brown Universities, who surveyed 438 college students over the course of 13 months.

Roughly half of the participants reported hooking up during the time frame, while the other half reported they were in romantic relationships. It turns out that people having casual sex reported significant depression overall, whereas those who were in committed relationships didn't.

There are a many reasons this correlation exists: People hooking up may have wanted a relationship deep down thus feeling disappointed that they weren't in one; they may have found their hookups unsatisfying or found themselves going further with someone than they really wanted to; or they may have been worried that their sexual activities would start to influence their reputations.

The upside to the findings is that the depression only occurred in women who reported having hooked up in the past month, meaning that casual sex might bum you out only for a short time.