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Like these words are perfect for menstruation. Who wants to have that flowing blood down there plus the pain that kills you every 5-7 days a month? I bet there is none! However, let us face it! Menstruation is when a woman is discharging blood from the uterus to be fertile and to bare a child. Aside from bringing another life to earth, it is also necessary that we remove those unnecessary blood from our body. 

No matter how wonderful its purpose to us, we cannot deny the fact that it is every woman nightmare. Let us wake up and know more convenient ways to manage your menstruation. The first thing that you should know about is the best menstrual product you can use who can give you the comfort you deserve. 

You might hear about menstrual cups and how effective, safe, and convenient it is to use than your regular pads. It is not unless if you do not know how to use it correctly. Let us admit; it is not that easy to use when it is your first time. So let me help you to master using menstrual cups, here are the five simple tips you should follow if you are a beginner. 

Fake it till you make it! 

Do not rush things! When it is your first time you can't always make it perfect, so wear a panty liner until you feel 100% sure that you made it right. This is to avoid any leaks just in case you mistakenly positioned your menstrual cup. But it is not really necessary if you are already confident enough then you can go ahead and forget it! 

Locate Your Cervix

If you are going to use a menstrual cup for the first time, then you have to make sure how long or short your cervix is. Cervix is a cylinder-shaped neck that connects the vagina and uterus. It is located at the lowermost part of your uterus. The reason why you need to determine your cervix it is because the menstrual cup should be placed below your cervix. Menstrual cups do have different sizes according to your needs. There is a menstrual cup for low cervix and for the high cervix. Locate your cervix with the use of your finger and feel that slightly firmer are of tissue and insert the cup under it. 

Trim The Stem

The menstrual cup is a bell shape with a stem. The purpose of the stem if for you to easily remove it after using, however, it may cause discomfort while wearing it. You can cut it whenever you feel uncomfortable after a couple of tries. Do not cut if while the cup is inside this is to avoid any possible danger. 

Practise Putting The Menstrual Cup

It is recommended that you practice putting the menstrual cup before your period will start. It will be so hard to find the right position of the cup if there is blood flowing all over your legs and hands. You don't want to look like a murderer with blood in your hands plus the unpleasant smell. So do it while your vagina is clean, locate your cervix and practice putting the cup under the uterus and it should stay unfolded to perfectly catch the blood. 

Make It Easier With Lubricant

Lubricant is a substance that reduces friction when two surfaces are having a mutual contact. It would be more comfortable and less painful to insert the menstrual cup if your vagina is wet. Try to use water or any water-based lubricant while doing the insertion of the cup. 


Menstruation can be severe, but it is always up to you on how you are going to manage it. To find the best menstruation product should be your priority because this will be your partner throughout the week. The menstrual product includes a sanitary pad, tampons, and a menstrual cup. Any of these can be your best partner just make sure to choose which is safe, convenient and budget-friendly to use. 

Before using them, do some research, read information about them, watch videos that can help you understand how it works, or it is best if you will talk to an expert. Managing your period is like managing your entire life of being a woman.