Irrespective of what elders teach about the ideology of marriage, where you need to love someone and then think of marrying him/her, modern-day relationships don’t abide by such doctrines. If two people are in love, it may not necessarily convert into a marriage. But it is true that there is a mad rush among everyone to fall in love quickly to experience what a relationship is like. 

Is it similar to what they show in the movies? Is it like what your grandfather told you when you were young? Or is it a feeling that transforms a person for good? There are many reasons why people want to be in a relationship. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Share your happiness and grief with someone similar

Parents have a different way of looking at matters than your friends. Sometimes, you can’t reveal secrets to your parents because of fear that they will misunderstand you. But when you are in a relationship, you tend to express your feelings without any concern. You know that the person you are talking to will not judge you for your actions. 

It doesn’t matter if you are already in a relationship or searching for someone in a dating app. The fact that you can share your moments of grief and happiness with someone of your age leads to a positive bonding and a relationship. Many places like Paris are welcoming new-age dating with open arms. That is why there is rising popularity in cross-country relationships among couples here. LoveSita is one such dating app that easily connects people across state boundaries.

2. People love attention

There is no hiding it; there is no denying it – people are attention-seekers, and that is one reason why they want to be in a relationship so badly. Apart from experiencing the journey of loving and being loved, you also want someone in your life who is always there for you even in your ups and downs. Attention seeking is not about throwing a tantrum; it is more about sharing time with each other. Also, those who believe that their love will transform into a happy marriage gets time to understand their partner better so that they can both eliminate the causes of concern in a relationship. 

3. There is more to life than a successful career

Humans are not money vending machines that once you get a degree and a job, your only focus is to earn money your entire life. Focusing on personal growth and career is essential, but people need someone to share their success with. Friends will ultimately get married, your parents will pass away at some point, but your partner will be your support when you come back from work. A relationship is not limited to intimacies and long drives; it also means how you steer your life into someone else’s and make him/her feel better. That is what everyone is striving for.

People say that love is complicated. But you can manage to keep it simple by having faith in the relationship. Because love is what keeps everyone alive.