The water clogged drains are frustrating and hard to handle! It can prove to be a great inconvenience in your house and also can cause bad effect on the health if the matter is not resolved soon! It’s a truth that every homeowner will surely face such kind of messy experience once in the lifetime. 

There can be plenty of culprits behind this nuisance. Either a different item that has been unknowingly dropped down the drain or a large mass of hair or may be grease or gunk. There can be numerous reasons why your household can face blocked drains & you need to call a plumber in Pasadena. Thereby, knowing how each issue can be an opportunity, firstly you should know the reasons why the blocked drains do happen?

The mass of hair

It is the most common reason, and a large mass of hair can clog the drain. At some situations, the problem can be manually solved. One can remove the hair by oneself (yah it sounds clingy but cleaning on regular basis is better than a messy problem later). A huge bulk of hair which has never been cleaned while bathing or over the sink can be the huge problem for your bathroom. Though if regularly the mass of hair is cleaned after using the bathroom can never let this unusual problem happen.

Natural Debris and dirt

The plants, trees, shrubs, dirt and fallen leaves can be another problem for the water drains. The problem is found most commonly after the spring and the autumn. The houses which have an outside garden also require a regular lookout of the leaves, emerging roots from the trees as these can move straight towards the drains.

Grease collection in the kitchen

Just like the hair in the bathroom can be a headache; similarly, the grease built up in the kitchen's sink with increasing time can be a huge pain in the neck! The fatty substances can be the biggest problem and can cause blocked drains and pipes and can also be a huge problem to clear out. You need to avoid pouring the oil or the kitchen grease into the drain. You can make use of small glass or the plastic containers and later discard it into the garbage. It will prevent the accumulation of the fat and the grease in the washing sink of the kitchen.

Extremely poor pipe installation

Bad pipe installation can lead to the expensive drain blockages. Though DIY techniques can save a few pennies, the long run is considered, installing your pipes by yourself is not recommended at all. It can lead to major issues like incorrect water flow, and expensive repairs. To save yourself from bad installation always have a certified plumber Lompoc install your pipe system.

Foreign object leading to a drainage problem

Kid's toys to various soaps, sanitary items and many electronic wastes can accidentally get dropped down the drain system, and can blocks the pipes after that. Thus the foreign objects should be flushed in the toilet or washed down in the sink at any cost.

Bottom Line

It is rightly said that saving a few penny sometimes can cost you thousands! So always take decisions according to the situation. If you are unable to fix the blocked drain by yourself, do not hesitate to speak to a Blocked drain professional. The experts at Rooter Hero Plumbing will assist you with high standard plumbing and also drain cleaning techniques. The skilful hand is always recommended to avoid thing shaping up to be worse. The experts Plumber are available 24 hours a day. They make sure to provide you with the best quality for all the plumbing needs.