So you want to paint your home? Whether you are just updating a room or two; or if you are giving your home a full makeover; mistakes happen. Almost everyone makes a few mistakes from time to time when working on home improvements. We will go over the 5 most common house painting mistakes as well as methods you can use in order to avoid these, so keep reading!

Choosing The Wrong Colors

So you picked up a few color swatches and have gone room to room holding them up to the wall. You think you have the perfect color so you return to the store and order your paint, get home and start digging in. But wait, the color you have is not working in the room you have chosen. Don't worry this is a common mistake non-professionals make. 

Painting companies bring samples of paint to your home and use them in discrete portions of your walls to show you what the color will actually look like. You can achieve this method by asking the paint department to mix you up a sample of your chosen colors to try on your walls. However, if you are feeling less adventurous you can always hire one of the many painting companies in your area. Take a look at them here

Leaving The Lid Off The Paint Can And Forgetting To Lock Out Pets.

You would think these speak for themselves but you'd be surprised how many individuals forget these simple things. Sometimes we get distracted by the phone or kids or even neighbors and friends stopping by. We may accidentally leave the paint can open to air dry along with our half painted walls. 

Oftentimes we enjoy having our furry friends in on our projects. Painting should not be one of them. From knocked over paint to do-it-yourself artwork with paint and paws; it is best to leave them out of this project unless paw prints covering your floor are part of your improvements. Again distractions happen and oops there is an open door to our freshly painted room. 

Using painting companies ensures that you can focus on your daily tasks and loved ones including your pets, without the hassle of also having to remember the room and materials you are working on.

Bumping The Ceiling

We have all been here before. We use painters tape and yet we still wind up with pain on our ceilings or trim. How that happens, who knows. But if this is a concern of yours why not Find the best Painting Companies at Get Your Quote to avoid that pesky mistake. 


Yes, this is a thing. You get a bit carried away with your brush going over and over or back and forth too many times. When your paint dries you wind up with a thinner coating than you thought. Loading your brush and quickly covering the surface is the best method. 

A lot of the time individuals will start their home painting projects and then halfway through realize they just do not have the skills or the time to complete them. This is where painting companies come in handy. You can go through and get the best quote for your projects and wind up skipping the mistakes and having to shell out an extra cost for a professional in the long run. 

Exposing Your Supplies To Harsh Temperatures

Freezing temperatures have a tendency to ruin paint and many homeowners won't realize this and keep it in a garage. Then when it is time to paint they realize what they have is a frozen or clumpy mess. Painting companies keep their supplies in appropriate conditions and instead of having a clutter of paint and cans or brushes, they will pick these up to complete the job. 

Should you rather avoid the clutter in your garage or basement and the hassle of having to remember to bring it in the house; you can always go to and check out painting companies in your area. 

Letting Your Roller Hit The Floor!

Yup, this happens more than you think.  Now just like the ceiling, we have a cute mark on our floor or baseboards regardless of panting tape. This is again a huge reason why so many people go through painting companies. So get your quote today at and save your time and energy. They will not only be able to connect you to painting companies in your area, but also will be able to provide you with the most cost effective approach for your budget. 

Obtaining professional painters for your home painting project will ensure that these common mistakes don't happen to you. You will be able to obtain the best quality of professional work available to you at a cost that won't make you cringe.