When it comes to interior design, size isn’t everything. Even the smallest of spaces can be transformed, provided you know what you’re doing. So, don’t be disheartened if you’ve got a small room in your home that you’re not quite sure what to do with. We’re going to give you the benefit of our knowledge and experience. And share with you some tried and tested interior design techniques that will open up even the smallest of spaces.


1. Mirrors

The clever use of light is one of the best-kept secrets in the world of interior design. Light can open up a small space, and the lack of it can create a sense of claustrophobia even in a large room. Placing mirrors strategically in a small room is one of the most effective ways of creating the illusion of more space. Place large mirrors opposite windows where they will reflect the natural light.

2. Sofa Beds

There was a time in the not so distant past when sofa beds had rather a bad reputation. Unless you were willing to spend a fortune on one, quality was often lacking and most were ‘neither use nor ornament’. If you were unlucky enough to spend the night on one at a friend’s house, you’d invariably wake up with a severe case of backache. However, they did have their uses and were always handy to own. (Sleeping on a sofa bed is still always preferable to sleeping on the floor!) But their convenience was largely outweighed by the fact that they just weren’t very comfortable, for either sitting or sleeping.


Fast-forward to today and sofa beds have come a long way. Their design has improved, and they’ve achieved the unthinkable, they’ve actually managed to evolve with the times. They’ve improved aesthetically, they’re better quality, and most importantly they actually work. So, if you’ve got a small space in your house, you should seriously consider investing in a sofa-bed. They’re a great way of utilising a small space. With a sofa bed, you can create dual-purpose rooms. If you have a spare room, a sofa bed will allow you to use it as a second reception room. And then when you have guests, it can easily be transformed into a bedroom.

3. Decorate Using Neutral Colours

Garish decor and bright colours are very popular at the moment in the world of interior design. It’s a great trend because it allows you to get creative and have a lot of fun with a room. However, this trend doesn’t really work in small spaces. In fact, it only serves to make the room feel smaller than it did before. So, it’s best to opt for neutral colours that open up the space, and that will allow any natural light to reflect around the room. If you must, you can decorate just one wall using a bright colour or pattern. And turn it into a feature wall. 

We hope you’ve found plenty of inspiration now that we’ve let you in on a few tricks of the trade!