Just as breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the bedroom is the most important room in the house. It just is, isn’t it? It’s where you spend the most of your time. It’s where you go to refresh yourself after a long day. It’s the one room that should reflect your personality best. When you design your bedroom, there are many features that you just have to get right. Here are five of the most important features for any bedroom.

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The bed

The bed is the key thing for any bedroom. You have to strike a balance between style and comfort. Of course, comfort is more important in the long run. You can have the most gorgeous bed in all the world. If you can’t sleep in it, it’s useless. Try out a wide variety of mattresses. You need to get the one that’s right for you. Once you’ve done that, you can focus on style! You can get fantastic old-fashioned headboards for a retro-style room. At the other end of the scale, sleek wooden beds look good in a minimalist room.

The flooring

Carpet or wood? That’s the dilemma for most of us when we think about flooring. If you don’t mind a cold floor in the morning, wood can look great. A carpeted floor can be stunning too, but it’s difficult to clean. Anyone who eats breakfast or drinks coffee in bed shouldn’t go for light-coloured carpets. You can’t risk staining it! You can always compromise - wood flooring with a couple of good-looking rugs.

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The lighting

It’s easy to overlook lighting, but it can be crucial to striking the right tone in your bedroom. We love a room with lots of lamps. That way, you can control the amount of light in your room. They also look gorgeous - get some Tiffany-style shades for a vintage look. You can get large and small lamps in almost any style. We’d go for a larger lamp in one corner, with smaller ones on bedside or dressing tables.

The wardrobes

Where to store your clothes can be a nightmare without the right wardrobes. Walk-in wardrobes are the dream for clothes lovers, but they do take up a lot of space. Most of us will have to compromise in some way. Fitted wardrobes are a stylish choice for many people. They add a touch of class to any bedroom. We’d choose them over wardrobes with legs, which can be easy to damage.

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The decor

Getting the decor right is key to the feel of the room. Do you want a themed bedroom? If so, you need the right accessories. Try and get matching pictures, mirrors and other wall art. You can accessorize further with ornaments and other features. Set the whole thing off with the right colour of paint or style of wallpaper.

Your bedroom should fit you like a glove. If you get everything right, you won’t be able to wait for bedtime every day. It’s easy to give a bedroom the right amount of personality. Put the effort in, and you’ll get a fantastic result.