Where people prefer to keep every room in their house tidy and attractive, they should take care and maintain their bathrooms as well. This post is going to present some amazing and distinctive themes for bathroom to make this place equally attractive and unique.

1. Stripes: Horizontal stripes on all the walls of a bathroom bring about a ‘flow’ in the place when the stripes are of two different shades of similar colors. Lighter colors are preferred as they give a sense of brilliance.

2. Hidden Cabinets: In a wooden bathroom painted and covered by a good finish, cabinets may be placed inside the walls behind mirrors that can be fixed on strong hinges at one side, and attached to the wall by a magnet on the other side. This not only helps save space, but also gives a shipshape look. You can also place a dressing stool in front of the full-length mirror, if your bathroom is spacious to accommodate it.

3. Fireplace: Often in winters, having a functional little fireplace in the bathroom may save you from excessive shivering. Apart from serving its function, it looks way more alluring when an Eastern rug is installed nearby.

4. Vintage Drawers: Beneath the main sinks, black framed drawers should be installed, each of even sizes on the top, and those of smaller, different sizes as you move down towards the ground. Instead of handles,  classical rings should be installed to make it look more antique.

5. Pebbled Floor: Having textured tiles on the floor gives a spa-like feeling. After every block of tile, a smooth little pebble should be fitted in the pattern in order to activate the pressure points on our feet, which in turn leads to a positive therapeutic effect.

6. Faux Windows: If there are no windows in your bathroom, you should perhaps install a realistic drawing with a background that matches your wall and has something painted on it that you would like to see right outside your window.

7. Wallpaper: Installing wallpaper that matches the theme of your bathroom, or has a color similar to your scheme, adds an appealing and interesting to your bathroom. Turquoise is the most favored color for this theme. The best part is this idea is quite economical and practical.

8. Lighting under Cabinets: If you have a two-layered wall, leaving some open space between the top of those layers and installing lights a few inches below is a great idea. Beneath the cabinets, where there is a chance of dampness, install waterproof lights to add up to a romantic feel.

9. Rug: Instead of the usual bath mats, rugs can absorb more water and moist and create a luxurious ambiance in the bathroom.

10. Glass: The reflective and light-enhancing properties of glass would not only make the whole place brighter, but would also keep the atmosphere refreshed and elegant.

I hope you would like these creative and distinctive themes for bathroom which have tendency to add charismatic beauty in your bathroom making your stay enjoyable and comfy as no one likes to sit in an ordinary and typically designed uncomfortable lavatory.

Author Bio
Maya is a doctor by profession but she has also obtained advance diplomas in interior designing and now she is helping her father in his interior design business “HomeArena”. The lady has a flair for writing too and writes informative articles on home care and designing.