Integrating a coffee table into your living room may be a difficult thing to do at first because of the endless choices you have. Not having one may save you some space in front of the sofa, but it will also make the living room look strangely incomplete.

To fully undertake the task of decorating your home with one, you'll need to at least know a few things first.


Needless to say, there are tons of styles you can choose from. From customized ones to designer coffee tables, the choice seems somewhat endless. Before you focus on a type, know the kind of style and theme that your home is in. Are you going for a contemporary or a classic look? Is it formal or informal? Are you looking for modern or vintage designs? Once you've settled on this, it'll make the decision process a whole lot easier.

You can find many styles in different shapes and sizes around the Internet, including which offers a large and incredibly gorgeous selection of designer coffee tables.

But before you make up your mind, you'll need to consider the size and function of your future coffee table to be.


Know how much space you have to play around with at first. Not every coffee table may fit the dimensions you're constrained to. Before you begin, measure the area and set aside at least 10 inches away from the TV and ensuring the table is at least 1-2 inches lower than your couch.

While most coffee tables aren't supposed to be big like dining tables, you don't want one that will take up too much space either.


Do you want a coffee table purely for aesthetics and decoration? Once you've settled on this, you can clearly look out for ones that offer storage, or ones that are purely decorative in nature.

If it's storage you're looking for, you'll also want to decide what you'll want to put in the coffee table. It should not be used as permanent storage or for many things.

If it's purely decorative, then you can focus on the kind that are made with different textures and design. Designer coffee tables are mostly fashion forward, but they can also be utilitarian in a way too sometimes.


The shape of your coffee table is also an important factor. Is your living room long, or wide? Is there a lot of space or is it narrow? Round or oval designs are ideal space savers, and practical if you have children or pets. Rectangular shaped ones are larger center pieces that occupy more space. If you're opting for this, ensure your living room's design is able to accommodate it.

You must also consider the many materials that are used for coffee tables. They come in a wide variety, from glass to wood, to brass or steel, and more. Glass and steel give the coffee table an interesting and modern sophisticated look, while wood finishings tend to have a more formal look.

Buying furniture for the home isn't as simple as it sounds, because you don't want to buy something you may eventually not like. That's why the process of decorating can take very long. This guide is simply to help you make up your mind faster.