A guest bedroom can be a wonderful way for friends and family to visit without the fuss and inconvenience of finding accommodation. We can spend more time together late into the evenings and early the next day. We can invite them not only into our homes but also into our lives and daily routines. They can quickly become a second home to our regular guests!

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We may not be fortunate enough to have a room that we can devote entirely to a guest bedroom. It may be necessary, for example, that it is a study for most of the time or a gym at others. But however large or small your selected room might be, there are a few features seen in all of the best guest rooms that can be applied to any budget.

Fresh Flowers

Whether your guests are male or female, fresh flowers add life and vibrancy to a room that is difficult to beat. Silk flowers are a more manageable option but are perhaps more appropriate for a classical or formal decor. Fresh flowers can be added right before your guest arrives to welcome them with a burst of scent and colour. A scent diffuser is also a pleasant option to keep a room smelling fresh and inviting. Studies have shown that the fragrance of a room can have a subtle impact in perceptions of it. Even down to whether it is large and spacious or small and claustrophobic! Fresh, subtly floral scents are the most popular and least oppressive. They feel inviting and immaculate.

Towels and Bathroom Goodies

Freshly folded towels along with soap and a toothbrush can be a lovely feature. We may not have the space or budget to have a separate guest bathroom, but providing extra supplies feels luxurious and personal. Add an extra facet of class by selecting a trusted and established brand of quality. Martex sheets and towels are particularly famous, for example. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on new items but extra details here and there can make all the difference.

Add Detail

Don’t feel that a guest bedroom has to feel sparse and underused. Add a little personal detail to the room. Favourite family ornaments or books and magazines that you think your guests might enjoy can be a wonderful touch. If your guests are new to the area, add a few local maps or pamphlets for attractions that they might enjoy. Cushions and throws in the room can add a feeling of cosiness and relaxation. Guest rooms can feel like an ignored part of the house, so put some soul and care back into the room.


Wherever possible, try to ensure a certain level of privacy for your guests. If the guest room door doesn’t close or lock, for example, try to address this before their visit. Ensure the curtains or blinds are working so that they will sleep well and can get changed in private. Do remind the rest of the family that you have guests. It is remarkably easy to slip into old habits. If members of the family are used to using the guest room for other purposes, they may simply walk in without thinking! This can be embarrassing for everyone even if there is no harm done. Help your guests to feel respected, private and secure. If a lock is not possible or preferable, why not consider a Do Not Disturb sign? There are some fun examples that are also genuinely useful.