Today, design options abound. There seems to be a style for every person in every life situation. But which person are you and what style suits your life situation? It can be tricky to work it all out.

Minimalist Design


People who enjoy minimalist designs usually fall into one of two categories. There is first the philosopher king. This person is somebody that enjoys stripping away the paraphernalia of life until all that is left are the bare essentials. The minimalism of their interiors captures the very essence of what a room ought to achieve. It should be a restful shelter from the outside world, uncluttered by the trivia of life. The lines should be clean and straight, the colours monotone and dull. The basic functionality of the room, like its brickwork, exposed.

The other type of person that loves minimalism is the person who loves to be organised. They've always got a plan for exactly how their life is going to pan out, weeks in advance. The order inherent in the minimalist design reflects their desire to order everything in their life. They know weeks in advance what appointments they have. And like them, their rooms host a precise location for everything. Nothing is left to chance.

Vintage Interior


A vintage interior is for the person who believes, at heart, that things really were better in the past. And the vintage style is a way to preserve this outlook in a rapidly changing world.

Most vintage designs feature solid hardwood or oak furniture to give a sense of permanence. But vintage can mean a lot more than this. Like the minimalist style, the purpose of the vintage room is not so much in the design itself, but in what that design represents. Often vintage rooms have elegant features, but they're not elaborate. The whole point is to hark back to a simpler time when the worries of the world didn't seem so pertinent.

Eco-Asian Design

The eco-Asian design is for the conscientious progressive. This is a design style that blends both concerns about the environment and social issues, with the desire to meditate.

Eco Asian sees the home not as a place for the body to rest, but as a place for the mind to relax. Homes that follow this theme often have rich golds and purples, reds and greens. The style is effervescent, but not ostentatious.

The rooms will also have a feeling of strictness, reflecting the ascetic personality of the occupant.

Classic Interior Design

There is a reason why classic interior design survives to this day. It's because, like all great artistic work, it is a style that transcends time. The individual to whom this style appeals is one who is noble, charming and scrupulous. It is an outer display of inner quality - a reminder of the inherent order and discipline of the personality behind it.

Classic interiors, with their rich blend of traditional styles, convey a sense of status where other styles do not.