Are you tired of looking at your bathroom: it could be the old bathroom cabinets or so-last-year wall colour that is just driving you crazy. Either way, you’re not alone. Many people decide to take on bathroom renovations each year knowing their budget can’t be extreme, yet they can still create something a little less drab.

A modern and attractive bathroom will add value to your home and if you’re planning to sell your home in the future, then rest assured that you’ll gain much more than what you put in for the remodeling. Even you’re not looking to sell, and just want to get back that private oasis you see bathrooms can be on movies and TV, a remodel will still cost a pretty penny, but you don’t have to break the bank. The average bathroom remodeling costs around $10,500. If you need a little more ritz, a more upscale remodeling can cost around $26,000.

The size of your budget is one of the most important elements when undergoing any home improvement plan. It will allow you to see what you can and can’t do. You might be inclined to see the total during your project, but if you do, you might end up surprising yourself -- and not in a good way. A tight budget certainly won’t allow you to rearrange plumbing, or slab marble tiles everywhere in your bathroom, so calculating what you want before you start ensures you get exactly what you can pay for, with nothing left unfinished.

Be Selective with Tiles

Tiles may be the most pricey upgrade, so be strategic in where you want to place them. Choose one or two areas where you think could use some freshening up. For example, creating a tile border along your walls along with a fresh coat of paint above it could be the perfect refresh. Or, install new tiles in the shower for an inexpensive, but noticeable improvement.

Paint What You Can

Repainting is probably the most inexpensive way to give your bathroom a makeover. Whether you paint the walls or bathroom cabinets, a beautiful coat of paint will liven up your bathroom instantly and take it from drab to fab! Make sure you have all the needed painting supplies and high-quality, semi-gloss paint; it’s finish is ideal for bathrooms as they’re the easiest to clean.

Add New Fixtures

Paying attention to the little details can make a big difference in the bathroom. Look for modern and bright light fixtures to swap out your current ones. Hang up a shiny new mirror, or even install new drawer handles on the bathroom vanity cabinets. Adding a new sleek sink or bathtub faucet can also go a long way. When you update all of these little things, you’ll be surprised to see how different your bathroom will look; you might even barely recognize it!

Polish Your Grout & Caulk

Cleaning and maintaining the caulk around the tub and sink areas won’t break the bank at all, and it’s an investment that only ensures the longevity of your tub from moisture. When you clean the grout and add straight lines of caulk, the bathroom will look cleaner and brighter instantly! It’s so common for these details to be neglected, but it might only take a lazy Sunday afternoon before you’ve got yourself a made-up tub.

Update Bathroom Décor & Linen

Find a colourful or patterned shower curtain to add some pop in the bathroom. Think about picking up a new mat, towels and hand towels too. Choosing well-designed and attractive linens elevates the bathroom, again without breaking budget. Fresh and colourful towels makes a bathroom look cleaner and pleasing overall; and if you’ve got space on your walls, consider hanging a painting or art to really give some personality.

Repurpose Old Furniture

Repurposing furniture is a huge cost-saver. With this tip, you don’t have to spend anything or much at all and it’s an environmentally-friendly option. Take a look around your home and garage to see if there’s anything you can repurpose. Got a mirror from your bedroom that doesn’t flow well with the décor anymore? Try repainting the frame and that mirror could be a perfect fit in the bathroom! You can also browse through yard sales and thrift stores to score great finds. With some creativity and patience, you can completely revamp an old piece of furniture, while also making your old bathroom unrecognizable.   

Give yourself the bathroom you always wanted, but thought you couldn’t have with some of these easy tips. While it’s always ideal to renovate, remove and add new fixtures, tiles, tub or vanity, small changes are sometimes all you need to take your bathroom from zero to hero! Forgetting your troubles in bubbles doesn’t require a brand new claw-foot tub (although that would be lovely), but sometimes just some chaulk, new towels, a new faucet, and a little love with Vim and a sponge. Instantly, you can have the bathroom you want and deserve. What will you change first?