When you buy vintage furniture it is not the same as buying second-hand as you generally look for certain eras.  In order to buy the right furniture, you need to know what you are looking for.  There are a number of tips that you can use to help you buy vintage furniture.

Visitor Stores And Keep An Eye On The Stock

One of the fun parts of buying vintage furniture is taking the time to hunt down a source by going to different vintage furniture stores.  Other places to source this furniture will include estate sales, car boot sales and auctions.  However, it can be tough in these areas as you are going against dealers.  It is recommended that you become friends with your local dealer as they could give you first refusal rights and important information about any items you might be interested in.

Consider Wear And Tear

If the furniture is in good condition then you are getting a good buy.  Any furniture that is very worn or looks shabby could be past its functional lifespan and would only be valuable as an example of the era.  If you are looking at upholstered furniture you need to be careful and check for rodents, molds, dirt and other pests.  It is recommended that you stick to non-upholstered furniture unless you know exactly what you are doing.

The Structure And Quality

The build quality of the furniture needs to carefully be considered.  If there are drawers they need to move easily and the overall structure should have a solid feel to it.  Wood furniture needs to be free of woodworms and any composites or plastic should be crack free. 

It is important that you avoid badly made furniture or furniture made with poor materials.  Every era of furniture will have good and bad manufacturers and you need to consider this.  Just because a piece has survived the test of time, it does not mean that the quality is good.

Know Famous Makers

Well-known designers and popular furniture styles will always come with a higher price tag.  It is better to look at pieces that pay tribute to these famous designers.  These pieces will come with a cheaper price tag, but look as good.

Look At Scratches And Dents

Most vintage furniture will not be free of dents or scratches and you should keep this in mind.  Consider what you are looking to achieve with the furniture because some scratches on the legs might not be enough to put you off.  Minor defects in the furniture can easily be hidden or removed with the use of restoration products such as furniture polish. 

Always Bargain And Haggle

Most store owners will not be open to a Bazaar haggling style negotiation, but they may be prepared to bend a little on the price.  Using any defects or damage on the piece is a good bargaining chip.  If the store you regularly go to has items you want sitting around for a while they will likely be willing to drop the price to move them on. 

Have Your Measurements

You do not want to buy your vintage sideboard only to find that it will not actually fit into the room.  Having a notebook with a sketch of the room and the measurements when you look at furniture is recommended.  You also need to consider the access to your home as vintage furniture will come in one piece, unlike modern modular furniture.

Up-Cycling And Reusing

People often find vintage furniture that they love, but have no use for.  If this is the case you should try being creative and find a way to use the furniture for an alternative use to the original function.  Carpenters could alter the size of a table if it is too big or they could create a new piece of furniture from the wood.

Go New

There are a number of companies on the market now that sell new retro furniture. This furniture is made to the old designs but is completely new, meaning you don’t have to worry too much about a lot of the issues that older furniture brings. Rove Concepts is one such company that offers these newer, retro pieces of furniture and is worth a look.

Think Of The Environment

When you buy vintage furniture you are able to furnish your home in a certain style and with good quality items.  You are also going to be helping the environment because energy is not used to make new furniture.

Have Some Fun

When buying vintage furniture you need to have some fun.  Finding the perfect piece is an adventure and you will find that the overall experience is enjoyable.