It’s tough enough if you’re living in an apartment, because space can get really scarce very fast! But fear not! Here are a couple of reversible tweaks you can make along the way to make your rented space feel more homey and also - a little more spacious!

1. Use storage pockets to save space

Most people use storage pockets to store their shoes predominantly, but it can be repurposed to hold other things. Use them in the kitchen to store spice jars and canned food that you’re always going to be reaching out for. The best part of this is that you can even cut them down in size to fit in smaller cabinet doors either in bathroom cabinet doors or in your closet to fit ties, and t-shirts you frequently wear.

2. Add some art to your home

Nailing an art piece on the wall may take away your deposit, so always check before you do something like that in your rented space. An alternative to this is by adding some personality to your mugs or create smaller wall art you can use adhesive hooks to hang on doors or small sections of walls in your home. Stores like Snapfish offer a ton of creative options from creating photobooks you can use as coffee-table reading, to personalized calendars. You can even compile all these into a photo board of sorts. Small additions like these add a ton of color to your home! Try it out!

3. Use magnets to organize tools

Magnets sure come in handy if you know how to apply them to proper use. For example - maximize kitchen space by adding a magnetic rack to organize your knives, cups, and utensils. In the bathroom, keep your nail clippers, tweezers, and other things in an easy-to-reach place. These things go missing all the time, so what better way to make full use of magnets!

4. Create hidden storage

Space is always scarce, so your storage systems have to be very clever. Sometimes, it’s not even about adding a new rack or cupboard. You can already utilize the furniture you have to create hidden storage compartments. Use tension rods to hang towels, and clip on containers to put under the table and bed, or buy an ottoman that doubles up as storage. By doing so, you end up creating zones - which ultimate makes organizing the mess easier. 

5. Textiles can make a difference

Make a statement in your rented space with the use of textiles. From carpets to cover up unsightly floors, to curtains that match your furniture, these small hacks make a ton of difference, since renovating may be completely out of the questions.

The best part of all these hacks? They won’t damage your rental home when you remove them. Try them out today and let us know what you think!