When you want to sell a house that needs significant repairs, you should price it right and consider including renovation loans in your property listings. This way, you encourage homebuyers to come for the view. Besides, you should be aware of the real estate trends. Here are other things you can do when you look forward to selling a house that needs major repairs:

●       Make your house more appealing by cleaning the yard curb and removing any outdoor clutter.
●       You can also use exterior house paint to make it look beautiful.
●       Fix all the breakages in your house, like missing door hinges, broken kitchen cabinets, and window panes. Ensure all broken doors, and missing shingles are fixed.
●       Mention all the unique features your home has, like a large compound, swimming pool, and ample parking, to make it more attractive to buyers.
●       Learn about your buyers and what they are looking for when they come bidding or viewing your house. 

Can you sell a house if it needs repairs? 

If your house needs significant repairs, you can sell it to a buyer who intends to buy a fixer-upper. Besides, you can still sell it to home property investors. If you want to increase the market price for your house, you should consider fixing all the major issues. If possible, ensure all the minor repairs are fixed before listing your home for sale. 

You can also sign an agreement with a realtor specialized in selling houses that need repairs to increase your chances of selling the house. Most realtors have the experience and skills to help you get the best offer in the market if you are selling a house that needs repairs.

How can I sell my house without repairs?

You can sell your house without making major repairs if you include "as-is' in your listings. That means when listing your house for sale, you should let homebuyers know that you are not going to make any adjustments or repairs to the property. 

The buyer sees on the advert what they should expect to get when they come for a viewing. Most buyers may still request an inspection, but your realtor should specify that you are not making major repairs on the house. 

Disclose everything on the house inspection report to the possible buyer so that they are aware. You can also consider lowering the house price if you want to sell the house without fixing the major issues.

Is it better to sell a house 'as-is' or fix up all major repairs?

A home that requires repairs will always sell at a lower price in the market than one with no issues. It is better to have all the major repairs in the house fixed up before listing the home for sale. 

If you are selling the house, you can always get away with minimal fix-ups, but that will mean settling for a lower price. When selling to a property investor, they may not consider looking at significant issues in the house because they will renovate the property for resale. 

How do I sell my fixer-upper house fast?

You can sell your fixer-upper house faster when you set a realistic price and work closely with a real estate agent. You should also play with the home's potential when listing it. Consider disclosing all the potential deal killers in the house and make it more appealing to attract more buyers. 

What are the most important things to do to sell your house?

If you are looking forward to selling your house, you should make the front door visible and easy to access for all buyers. Other things you should do include updating the lighting, setting the tables, painting the house, and fixing all broken windows. 

Pack your belongings like clothes once you list your house for sale. Store away all the excess furniture, personal decorations, toys, and other items you don't use daily.

How do I sell my house in 5 days?

If you want to sell your house in 5 days, you should prepare to list your home for 5 days but in a strategic manner. For example, you can price your house at a price lower than the current house price tags in your area. Pricing the house at 5% below the market price can drive more buyers your way.

Again, you can offer a 'one day only' sale clause on the property and consider giving your buyers some incentives to make your offer more appealing. Give a good first impression of your house when selling by doing all the minor repairs like painting and fixing broken windows and doors.


To sell a house that needs major repairs, you should hire a real estate agent more experienced in the field for help. List your house for sale 'as-is' so that home buyers are aware when bidding. You can also disclose all the house inspection reports to buyers to help them decide whether to buy or not. Lastly, consider choosing a realistic price for the house.