Gardens are an extension of our homes. They can be a tranquil oasis in a busy city, a natural playground for kids, or a place to grow food, cook, and entertain.

As with interior makeovers, the financial cost can be as much or as little as you desire. Here are some ideas on how to give your garden a new look without breaking the bank.

Make Your Furniture Fabulous 
When the weather is favorable, many people like to sit out in their garden to get some sun and fresh air.
Beautiful and colorful pieces of furniture can brighten up a backyard as well as being functional. However, bespoke garden furniture can be pretty expensive if you buy it new from a store. A cheap and easy way to pimp up your garden is to upcycle some old or second-hand chairs, benches, and tables

Buy some bright colored paints that are suitable for outdoors, paintbrushes, and sandpaper. Clean the pieces with a damp cloth, remove and replace worn nails and screws, sand down, and apply the paint.

Often cushions and seat pads get soiled when used outside, so if yours need to be spruced up, find a company specializing in outdoor cushion cleaning to give them a new lease of life.

Grow A Rainbow 
Obvious suggestion, but grow lots of flowers in your garden. A couple of potted plants from your local garden center won't cost you much and will soon flourish and spread across your flowerbeds, creating sheets of fabulous color.
Colorful pots placed around your backyard will look amazing when filled with beautiful blooms. Attach some small pots to the walls and fences or fill some hanging baskets with trailing plants and pretty petalled flora.

Light Up Your Life
Hanging strings of lights around the perimeter of your garden not only makes it look magical and twinkly at nighttime, but attractive lights can make it shine during daylight hours too. Look for stringed lights featuring ladybugs, dragonflies, or butterflies for a nature-themed look.

Solar lights are a great option if you don't have a source of electricity in your backyard. Your local bargain stores will have a range of solar lights - some that are integrated into sculptures of animals, toadstools, Japanese pagodas, and rocky formations. These wonderful decorations will give a touch of magic to your garden when the sun goes down.

Wash and Brush Up
Probably the best way to make your backyard look miles better without spending a load of money is to tidy it up. Wait for a dry day, adorn some old clothes and gardening gloves and get out there and tidy up.

Cut the grass, remove weeds, trim overgrown bushes, hedges, and trees, and neaten the edges of the lawn. If your garden has paved areas covered in moss or stains, borrow or buy a pressure washer to make the stone sparkle. 

No matter the size of your backyard, you don't need to overspend to make it look beautiful, neat, and tidy - just some good old elbow grease and unique ideas will make it outstanding.