Wood kitchen cabinets have a gorgeous look and a beautiful feel. They complement almost every kitchen setting, such as traditional, contemporary, and farmhouse-style kitchens. Although they look chic and classic in their natural brown colors, you can also paint them in any color you want to enhance their looks. Because of all of these reasons, wood cabinets are really the best kitchen cabinets.

But how can you purchase them? Which factors do you need to consider before investing in these cabinets? 

If these are your questions, then we can help you find your answers. Here are some factors and things that you need to look for in the cabinetry before purchasing them. Let’s take a look. 

Look for Types of Wood

The first and most important thing is to decide the type of wood. Well, there are several types of wood available in the market. Choose the one that suits your requirements and kitchen needs. Here are some options that you need to know.

Walnut, Oak, Hickory, Alder, and Cherry

Materials that come with a lot of texture and character are ideal for the organic and stained look. Oak, alder, walnut, and hickory – all have a beautiful appeal. For this purpose, you can also opt for Brazilian cherry and cherry wood. 

Additionally, stained wood comes with wood grains and patterns. This is why every cabinet will have a different look, even if you have used the same material. Alder and hickory are the two most commonly used materials. Well, alder has been the most known and popular material for more than 15 years. 


Craftsmen use this material if they want to paint cabinetry. Maple is a paint-grade material, as you can’t see its texture. 

They also have a small grain, which makes them perfect for painted kitchen cabinetry. The best part is that you can paint them in any color. Solid maples are the most affordable options of them all. However, all types of maples are popular among homeowners and interior designers. 

Poplar and Pine

Poplar is a lightweight wood, whereas pine has a soft appearance. Both are affordable options, which make them the best kitchen cabinets for a low budget. 

These cabinets are also pretty durable as well as excellent for sustainability. However, you need to work hard to renew them when needed. You need to fill the whirls or knots in the material and then paint them to give a fresh look. 

Choose a Cabinet Door Profile

Your cabinet's doors are usually the first that gain the attention of your guests. So you need to think carefully while deciding the style of your cabinet doors. The best way to do that is to choose the door profile. 

You can even choose a recessed square style with pretty edges. Also, some wooden doors come with glass door options. Therefore, you don’t need to pick opaque doors and can display your appealing decorative piece in glass door cabinets. 

Consider Finishing

If you are thinking of investing in new wooden shaker cabinets or others, you need to consider finishing. It is important to note you can keep the natural slate look or stained or finished to get a more refined appearance. 

Depending on your requirements, you can choose from any decorative finishes like crackle, glazing, distressing, and more. Keep in mind that lighter cabinets have more ability to hide dirt and dust than darker ones. If you find it challenging to pick the right finishing, you can simply purchase cabinets from Walcraft Cabinetry that have high-quality finishing. You can even take guidance from them if you need help. 

Opt for Maximum Storage

Whether you choose white shaker, glass cabinets, or others, the primary objective of investing in these cabinets is to offer you storage. Note that: at no cost, you should compromise on its storing capacity over style or design. This is because trends and fashion might change, but their purpose always remains the same. 

Look for wood cabinets that provide you functionality and beauty. Also, think about how the design and material you choose will help you store kitchen accessories, crockery, and appliances. You can also ask for guidance from professionals or take advice from the suppliers to make an informed decision. 

Think About Functionality and Aesthetics

Because of new trends and increasing customer requirements, wooden cabinets come with different features. For instance, some cabinets come with multiple drawers rather than shelves. Some cabinets also have built-in dividers in shelves and drawers to keep utensils and crockery separately. Think about what features are important for you, which can make your cooking process easy and accessible. 

Besides that, you can also look for sliding doors to make the opening and closing process easy. If you are finding it difficult to accommodate your appliances, you can opt for cabinets that come with special space for juicers, microwaves, toasters, and much more. 

Besides that, if you are a big fan of coffee, you can look for cabinetry that can accommodate a coffee maker. These types of cabinets have built-in space in middle shelves for coffee machines and other accessories. In other words, because of the wide variety in the market, you can invest in anything your wish for. 

Bottom Line

When it comes to cabinets, you need to think about their material and color. You also need to look for functions, features, finishing, and storage options. Besides these factors, you need to consider the prices. Wooden kitchen cabinets are available at an affordable cost especially when purchased as unassembled kitchen cabinets. You just need to search a bit to find the best option for you. 

It is important to note that not every brand can give you high-quality, durable cabinets. You also need to research the company before trusting them. So, make sure that the company you are choosing provides you best quality wooden material.