Have you had a hearing test recently? If so, you might have discovered that you now need hearing aids. There’s a lot of myths floating around on the internet about these devices, so we’ve taken a look at the most common misconceptions about hearing aids and separated fact from fiction. 

Hearing Aids are Complicated to Use

Thanks to advances in technology, modern hearing aids that are rechargeable are actually very user-friendly. Digital hearing aids are even able to distinguish between actual speech and background noise, adapting to different environments. Once your hearing aids have been properly fitted an programmed by a hearing professional, they should be simple to use day-to-day. 

You Don’t Need to Wear Two Hearing Aids

Buying two hearing aids might sound like a scam to get you to spend more money, but more often than not people experience hearing loss in both ears, even if it’s at different rates. So you might have one “good” ear, but that doesn’t mean that you only need one hearing aid in order to provide a natural hearing experience. 

Hearing Aids Can Cure Hearing Loss

Hearing aids curing hearing loss is about as true as glasses curing vision problems. Hearing aids are just that, an aid to improve your hearing which allows you to communicate more effectively. 

Buying Hearing Aids Online is a Cheap and Convenient Option

Buying a hearing aid online is a false economy, and the savings you make now could turn into big cost further down the line. The shape of your ears and the degree and configuration of your hearing loss are all unique factors that play a key part in finding the perfect hearing aid, something that an off-the-shelf hearing aid won’t be able to cater for. An audiologist will also be able to test how good your hearing is when you’re wearing the hearing aids, another reason why it’s worth the investment of getting hearing aids that will be properly fitted and calibrated to your individual needs.  

Hearing Aids Look Bulky and Noticeable 

This is simply not true anymore. Modern hearing aids have been designed to be small, sleek, and discreet. In addition, you can now find hearing aids in a range of colours, allowing you to match them to either your skin tone or hair colour. Whether the right choice for you is in-ear or behind-the-ear devices, you’ll be sure to find discreet hearing aids that won’t be noticeable to others. 

You Only Need a Hearing Aid if You Have Severe Hearing Loss

The truth is, even if you only suffer from mild hearing loss, a hearing aid can improve your quality of life. Although people with mild hearing loss can manage fine without hearing aids, some individuals find a noticeable improvement once they’ve been fitted with them.

Only Elderly People Need Hearing Aids

It’s a common misconception that hearing loss only affects the elderly. In fact, people of all ages can be affected by hearing loss, resulting in them needing hearing aids or seniors mobile phones. As our world gets noisier and noisier, people are beginning to lose their hearing at a younger age, although there is still an unnecessary stigma when it comes to young people needing hearing aids.