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Music is undoubtedly the soul-soother for mind and heart. You obviously know there is an excellent saying that many men have many tastes. And every individual carries a different flavor of music. Super Bowl halftime show 2021 is serving the live performance of the music industry's most significant start, "The Weekend."  Read more
MOVIE NEWS  Jan 04, 2021 19:33
Box office, thriller, and Hollywood are all words used by pundits and sports fans to describe a mind-blowing moment. Attend a couple of sporting events, and there is an excellent possibility you will overhear somebody commenting that the scenario occurring in the ring, court, or pitch is movie-like. Sports tend to have an unpredictable nature and loads of drama, qualities that make them boom in the cinema industry.   Read more
MOVIE NEWS  Aug 28, 2020 22:55
An Introduction to the Toy Story and its characters  Read more
MOVIE NEWS  Aug 16, 2020 20:38
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