Looks like she's not in the mood, again. But don't take it too personally, because she might not even know why her libido's low.

If your woman happens to be on the pill, then could explain why her sex drive is in neutral gear. A British study has proven that women are slightly less sexually aroused and less sexually attracted to their partner than women who don’t use hormonal birth control.

However, keep in mind that every woman is different and hormones are influencing just one part of a complex set of attributes that she finds attractive. Which is to say, this is no reason for any woman to stop taking her birth control pills.

Women on hormone-based contraceptives, which typically include estrogen and progesterone, are also generally less sensitive to all sorts of environmental cues, including sexual ones. And if you're in a long-term relationship, if pays to put a little more effort into seducing her once that initial spark has worn off.

To help boost her libido, try coaxing her to joining you in a team sport. Any kind of physical activity boosts testosterone, which helps increase sex drive in women and might be tamped down by the estrogen in her pill.