Alexander Selvik Wengshoel is a 25-year-old conceptual artist from Norway who was born with a deformed hip. He spent most of his life wheelchair while undergoing a series of failed operations, before finally receiving a metal hip replacement.

After convincing doctors to let him keep the bone removed during his hip replacement operation, Alexander then decided that the best thing to do was to boil it all up, before eating the flesh with potato gratin and a glass of wine.

Here's how he described it:
"I just wanted to use it in my art. I didn't know at that time that I would boil it and eat it. But it just came really naturally."

"I had to boil off the meat to get to the bone, and when I started scraping off the meat, I took off a little piece and I thought, 'why not do it. It's not every day I will have a piece of human flesh which is mine and which it is possible to eat', so I had a little taste, and then I thought, 'that's really nice.'"

"I made myself dinner while my girlfriend was at work, and I just resolved to have this really nice moment, with me and my hipbone."
And if you're wondering how the meal turned out, apparently he claims it tasted like "wild sheep."
"... It wasn't that much, it was not enough to get full, it was just an appetiser." ... "It had this flavour of wild sheep, if you take a sheep that goes in the mountains and eats mushrooms. It was goaty."
How we wish all this was a hoax... here's hoping that other "artists" don't follow in his footsteps!

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