We personally love infrographics - They're so easy to look at, without the hassle of reading too much through wordy paragraphs. In other words, this is the kind of pretty information people who are on-the-go need.

What you get is a beautiful mix of graphics and factual information about pretty much anything. And here are 18 of the best infographics of the year 2013:

1. A Visual Compendium Of Cameras by Pop Chart Lab

2. The Illustrated Guide To Game Of Thrones

3. Political Pangaea by Massimo Pietrobon

4. A Quick & Comprehensive Type Guide by Noodlor

5. The Periodic Table of Alcohol

6. Picture Cook

7. Chronological Chart of Submarine Cable History by TeleGeography

8. Worst Jobs in the World Matrix

9. Bloomberg Visual Data: Billionaires

10. 19 Emotions Which English Has No Words For

11. 2013 NBA All-Stars by Rami Moghadam

12. 66 Varieties of Cheese by Pop Chart Lab

13. A Visual Compendium of Sneakers by Pop Chart Lab

14. A Hacker's Portrait of the Internet

15. The Literal Meaning Of Every State Name In The U.S.

16. The Hipster Logo Design Guide by Tim Delger

17. Evolution of Batman by Cathryn Laver

18. Typography Beard Guide by Christian Goldemann