This image is that of a bucardo, a Pyrenean sub-species of mountain goat that went extinct back in 2000. And now, a team of Spanish scientists are attempting to clone it back to life.

The cells had belonged to the last living bucardo named Celia who was killed by a falling tree. The cells were then frozen in liquid nitrogen 14 years ago.  If Celia's cells are in good shape, a team of scientists will attempt to make embryo Celia clones and implant them in female goats so that new bucardos can be born into this world.

Previous attempts at bucardo cloning were not successful. One that was born back in 2003 and was also the world's first extinct animal brought back to life died just a few minutes after being born. But if Celia's cells survive, that would give science plenty of options to bring back all sorts of extinct creatures.

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