In comparison to years before, airline food wasn't always great while up in the air. And while you're not going to get a degustation experience, the food has gotten a whole lot better.

Still, chefs are finding the challenges of making good airline food admittedly very challenging and it is because of you.

The combination of air pressure and low humidity inside airplane cabins does a number on passengers' taste buds. German airline Lufthansa simulated in-flight conditions in a 2010 study and found people's ability to taste salty and sweet flavors was diminished as much as 30 percent (sour, bitter and spicy foods seemed to be relatively unaffected).

Time also plays a role in the quality of food on flights, as noted by economist Tyler Cowen in his book "An Economist Gets Lunch."

Being able to afford to fly in the past was a luxury only the rich could afford, and airline food was great back then. But as it became more affordable, the quality of food started to drop as well.

Instead of griping, try stocking up on snack foods or eat before you board the plane in the future. Either way, just look at airline food as sustenance more so than an enjoyment, at least until you arrive at your destination.