Your password can be hacked. At least, that's the notion we're getting these days. We've since seen a host of technologies to secure whatever your account you have, by using brain waves, finger prints and even RFID rings.

This new technique, will be using your heartbeat. Dubbed Nymi, it confirms a user's identity by way of electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors. Developers at Bionym, the company that makes the device, the peeks and valleys of an individual's heartbeat are very hard to imitate compared to other biometric systems.

Users simply touch the sensor on top of the wristband for two minutes while Nymi records an ECG signature. When its stored, it will only recognize that signature.

Pre-orders of Nymi begin on Sept. 4. Launch prices start at $79 and are expected to remain under $100. First editions will be compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X devices.

The only question we have? Can you unlock anything with Nymi after a workout? Would your heart rate be different? Wouldn't rhythms be all over the place?

Check out how it works in the video below: