China is well known for imitating just about everything. A report released by the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime earlier this year showed that the country accounted for 70% of all counterfeit goods between 2008 and 2010.

They've even begun to make life-size replicas of European towns! Shanghai even rolled out a "One city, Nine Towns" scheme with small towns built in a different international style.

Here are some of the (hilarious) Chinese rip-offs that have landed the companies in legal messes:

1. KFC

2. HARRY POTTER: They even ripped off Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings in one book: Harry Potter and the Leopard Walk-Up-To Dragon (WTF!!!).

3. STARBUCKS: People in China don't realize Bucksstar Coffee was reminiscent of Starbucks? This, however, isn't the only Starbucks rip-off — there's been Seyahi Coffee and Star Fucks Coffe.

4. PIZZA HUT: A very confused Pizza Huh joint.

5. GROUPON: is actually a rip-off. The real Groupon China is called Gaopeng.

6. WAL-MART: A Wumart spokesperson said, "We dream about being the Walmart of China."

7. ROLLS ROYCE: This 'Geely GE' looks an awful lot like a Rolls Royce Phantom.

8. US AIRCRAFT CARRIER: The replica sits in the National Defense section of the Oriental Park near Shanghai

9. KATE MIDDLETON'S ENGAGEMENT RING: Some of these fakes retailed at only US $15.

10. GOOGLE: When Google threatened to leave China, Goojje popped up.

11. iPHONE: HiPhone?!

12. iPAD: Why wasn't it called a HiPad? This one's the Apad. Although, it has a USB port which iPads lack.

13. APPLE: Not only were their devices ripped off, so were their stores.

14. OIL PAINTINGS: Dafen, also known as the "town of painting replicas," is responsible for 60% of the world's oil painting market.

15. BUDDHAS: This includes replicas of the 'Buddhas of Bamiyan' that were destroyed by the Taliban.

16. DISNEYLAND: The park denied using copies of Walt Disney characters.

17. GIANT RUBBER DUCK: The Dutch conceptual artist Florentijn Hofman's Rubber Duck that was originally showcased in Hong Kong were replicated as many as 10 times.

18. PARIS: Tianducheng was built to replicate Paris, included a 354-foot replica of the Eiffel tower.

19. ENGLISH TOWNS: Thames Town in China's Songjiang, near Shanghai, replicates architectural styles from English towns.

20. HOLLAND: Here's Holland village with its own windmill.

21. FLORENCE: A canal flows through the center of a replica Florentine village in China on the outskirts of the city of Tianjin.

22. HALLSTATT: They also replicated UNESCO world heritage site, Hallstatt.

23. US CAPITOL: Full-scale replicas of the U.S. Capitol building have been constructed in the cities of Wuxi and Fuyang.

24. THE WHITE HOUSE: The White House replica is at Beijing World Park.

25. SYDNEY: Of course, you can't leave out the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House in Beijing.

26. TROJAN: In 2010, federal officials discovered more than half-a-million fake Trojan condoms that were being sold through a counterfeit smuggling ring.