You've seen a pair of tennis shoes hanging on telephone wires before. But just why is that so? What is the mystery of it all? This 14 minute documentary titled "The Mystery of the Flying Kicks" wants to uncover the truth.

The answer: Drugs, sex, organized crime. Artistic expression. Heck there could be so many reasons. The final video from Australian filmmaker Matt Babe is a product of the most interesting theories, tales, and fictions about wear the flying footwear comes from and what it's for. As Babe told ABC News:
That’s why the film looks the way it does. We’d get the audio and then we’d work out how to tell the story. ‘Do we animate it? Do we go on YouTube and try to find footage?’ I would also do a lot of research and find people that maybe lived in a particular neighborhood. Like we had a story about Harlem, and I thought, well how are we going to get to Harlem?

So I found this guy on YouTube who films gangs on the streets and just kind of films them waving their 45s at the camera. I wrote to him and asked if he could talk to locals on the street. And I paid him about $200 to just go out and walk around the streets of Harlem – somewhere I would never be able to go – and he went out there and did interviews.
Check it out below: [ABC News]