There has been a shift in trends since COVID-19 happened and it also changed people’s point of view regarding self-storage services. Residents in Melbourne often look for storage solutions that are affordable, easy, efficient, and most importantly, safe. The answer to their needs is mobile storage units. The most common customers of mobile storage services are students, digital nomads and long-term travelers, who are just renting an apartment and don’t want to spend a lot of money to store their things. 

But why do people want to store their personal belongings in mobile storage in the first place?

Benefits of Freeing Up Space in Your Home

Sometimes the items that take up the most space in your home are the ones that you don’t need at the moment. However, they may have some kind of financial or sentimental value to you, and so you don’t want to throw them away. So, your best option is to go the self-storage route. 

But first, let’s look at the benefits of decluttering your home:

Better Air Quality – Decluttering is highly beneficial to people with COPD or asthma, but even if you don’t have any of these chronic illnesses, you can’t deny that you’ll benefit from breathing fresher air inside your home.
Better Sleep – Research shows that too much clutter in your house can increase cortisol levels in your brain and cause chronic stress. And do you know what chronic stress does to a person? It prevents them from having a good night’s rest and it can be worse if you have claustrophobia. It’s good to know that decluttering has some mental health benefits too, right?!
Boost Productivity and Creativity – It takes a well-trained mind to be able to concentrate at work or while doing something important and be productive, but a place filled with junk is more than enough to cause a distraction. If you free up space, arrange things in your house and clean it, your mind will be more at ease to focus on what’s important and you’ll be able to do more than when you were distracted by the mess.
Discover Lost Treasures – Sometimes you misplace items that have lots of value to you and you wouldn’t be able to find them until you’ve cleared up some space in your house. What great luck! Some precious gift from your parents or a loved one might suddenly pop up out of nowhere that you thought was lost years ago. You’ll be glad that you read this article.
Save Money – How does clutter cause you to spend more? Well, to give you an example, if you’re a typical woman living in an average sized Australian city, then you’ll definitely spend on clothing. But an unorganised closet will cause you to misplace a dress or skirt and you’ll end up buying more of what you already have. For an average man, it’s most likely the same scenario and if they misplace a shirt or pair of shoes, they will be forced to spend on new ones, especially if they need it for work. By freeing up space, you’re able to organise your closet and be in control of your finances.

What is Mobile Serviced Storage and Its Benefits?

Mobile serviced storage is a modern version of traditional self-storage. They are actually a fleet of vehicles (more specifically shipping containers ranging from small to large) where you can store your excess belongings and they’re also easily transported by trucks, thus the name, “mobile storage.” People who are always on the go will find it convenient to use mobile serviced storage, because they can easily pack their items and transport them. You can store all your seasonal items in mobile storage units.


The ease of moving your personal belongings and being able to retrieve them quickly wherever and whenever you need them to, plus the added bonus of affordability gives mobile storage units the edge compared to other types of storage facilities. When you use fixed storage facilities you will also have to pay the truck rental fees to move your cargo around. Not only will you save money but time as well and you get the option to choose the size of the mobile storage unit that’s perfect for the amount of your cargo.


On the short-term side of things, homeowners will benefit from using mobile storage containers, as they are a cost-effective way of storing your personal belongings that you intend to move to another location in the future. Sometimes building a storage shed, outbuilding, or erecting a prefabricated structure in your property will cost you planning and building permit fees. It may be wiser to just rent portable storage units.

Prevents Damage and is Versatile

Because mobile storage containers are made from high-quality industrial-grade steel, you can be sure that they are durable enough to keep your possessions safe from harm. You also have the option to choose from depending on the total mass of your cargo. Their professional staff will also help you store your items properly, so that their weight will be evenly distributed across the floor of the mobile storage container, which will prevent load shifting that can damage your belongings. Mobile storage units are also weatherproof, so nothing can damage your property stored inside them.

High Level of Security

Anyone who will try to break into one of these mobile storage containers will find it difficult, so you can be assured that no one is going to try. For business owners, putting these things on their worksite, company, or equipment yard doubles the effort to keep their expensive equipment safe that’s stored inside. This is because their worksite has 24/7 surveillance systems and, in some cases, private security guards guarding the place. The last layer of defense for these things is the padlock. You, as the owner/renter, are the only one who will have access to your mobile storage unit. 

What Problems Will Mobile Serviced Storage Solve?

Mobile serviced storage is the way of the future. So far, there are no official numbers yet, but what is known is that mobile storage units are popular among people who keep moving around due to their job, business or lifestyle. It won’t be long before more Australians will see the greater benefit of using these units instead of traditional self-storage units. 

Below are some of the problems that mobile serviced storage has solved or will solve:

1. Freeing up space in your house or in the company warehouse.
2. Moving your personal belongings from place to place with ease.
3. Providing new space for other uses and purposes.
4. Reducing the use of energy in operating these portable containers (helps fight climate change).
5. Secured, safe and impervious to damage.
6. Versatility in mobile storage units’ sizes.
7. Offers the option for long-term lease, or you can also purchase them and manage and maintain them at your discretion.