If you work in a restaurant and are wondering how the technology behind pizza vending machines works, then you're in luck! The machine you use is becoming smarter and faster with each passing day. Eventually, you'll have a vending machine that's capable of ordering a pizza for you from a menu, and it will even deliver the food for you!

Smart Pizza

Smart Pizza Vending Machines are gourmet and industrial appliances that combine hygienic materials and optimized processes to deliver fresh pizzas in a matter of minutes. They're a great business opportunity for those looking to increase their revenues.

Compared to traditional pizzerias, pizza vending machines offer convenience and higher profit margins. Customers can order through a touchscreen and pay by credit card, debit, or contactless.

The machine makes a high-quality pizza in just three minutes. In fact, it can handle 200 different recipes. It's equipped with a window so customers can watch the pizza being made.

Another unique feature is the ability to heat pre-made pizza slices. These vending machines are not only capable of serving pizzas, but also side dishes, salads, pasta, and bread.

While they're still considered futuristic, they're a step forward in food technology. API Tech, a French company, has developed the Smart Pizza Vending Machine and plans to expand its presence in the US and Europe.

Using a unique heating system, the Smart Pizza machine can heat the top, bottom, and sides of a pizza with precise temperature control. This gives it a crisp pizzeria-like crust.

Aside from providing the aforementioned functionality, Smart Pizza's touchscreen can also serve as a marketing tool. For instance, it can be customized with images and texts.

The machine features a touch screen so it can be used by people with reduced mobility. Its best-before date is also factored into the management system.

Smart Pizza's software can also help operators track sales and monitor cooking parameters. The machine is also capable of slicing uncooked pizza with a biodegradable knife.

In addition to the machine's functionalities, the company has a mobile app that allows consumers to order, schedule pickup times, and pay by credit or debit.

Picnic Station

Picnic Pizza Station is a cutting-edge pizza-making machine that makes it possible for restaurant operators to provide customized products to their customers. It can help businesses scale, increase profitability, and delight their customers.

Picnic's robotic pizza system automates the process of assembling and baking a pizza. The robot can apply sauce and cheese and even add pepperoni. This automation reduces labor costs by allowing a single employee to prepare hundreds of pies in an hour.

Last year, Picnic raised $20.5 million. That includes a recent $16.3 million round of funding. In addition, the company has expanded its reach through partnerships with notable industry partners.

Picnic's solution can also assemble burritos and Subway sandwiches. And the company plans to expand its technology in schools and other public spaces.

Picnic's robotic system has received recognition for its innovative approach to food automation. It recently scored best in the "Best in Show" category at the Consumer Electronics Show. Aside from its impressive capabilities, the robot is also simple to operate.

Picnic has partnerships with SeaWorld and Domino's. It's also working with Chartwells Higher Education to expand its footprint to college campuses across the U.S.

Aside from automating the pizza-making process, Picnic's system provides information about how customers order. This helps restaurants make better decisions about their marketing campaigns, purchasing, and inventory management.

Picnic's pizza assembly station is ideal for restaurants in any type of kitchen. During a recent blind taste test, pizzas cooked at the Picnic Station ranked 10 points higher than those made by human hands.

The Picnic robotic pizza system is also used in hospitals. In fact, it's a fixture in Pizza Hut locations.


The Kii technology behind pizza vending machines has been around for a while and is a great example of how the Internet of Things has improved our lives. These devices are a boon to customers and business owners alike. They enable businesses to see how their customers interact with them and what products they buy.

The first of its kind, the Pizzabot, is set to make its debut in an Aldi Corner Store in North Sydney, Australia. Using the aforementioned, the machine produces 450 gourmet pizzas a day, while the glass front allows for an impressive view of the action.

For a company whose spiel is to be one thing, they certainly are not short on the big wigs. The company is a Cisco portfolio company and is known for its Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

The Piestro has also announced a partnership with a local company, Kiwibot. The two companies have agreed to combine the best of both worlds by having the rover-style food delivery robot interact with the smart vending machine.

In addition to the obvious perks of having a roving delivery duo, the smart pizza machine also boasts industry-leading features. For instance, it comes with a touchscreen display that allows customers to choose from a variety of toppings to create their perfect pie. And the machine even comes with its own recipes, so the chef can whip up a new creation at any time.

Not to be outdone, the Smart Pizza features a deck oven and heating element that serves as a grill when needed. Using R134 gas, the unit meets environmental standards.

Aside from its ability to knead pizza dough and slide out freshly cooked pizzas in a trice, the machine also boasts the most innovative features, including a built-in touchscreen, GPS, a Bluetooth speaker, and a Wi-Fi network. All of which are in a compact 32-square-foot package.

API Tech

API Tech is behind pizza vending machines that are gaining attention across the world. These automated pizza machines are made to look like a real pizza shop, but they cook pizzas to order. The machine cooks the pie with a custom heating system and an oven that provides a pizzeria-like crust.

This innovative technology allows for the customization of the product and the ad space that goes with it. Customers can order online or through a mobile application. They can also geolocate nearby retailers and schedule pickup times.

The machine can cook two pies in three minutes. It's also vandal-proof and can be installed indoors or outdoors. A touchscreen is available for customers to choose their toppings.

It is compatible with an alarm system that can send emails to customers. The machine is also connected to a control manager. That way, the operator can manage the machine remotely.

Using this technology, API Tech has already built 223 "Smart Pizza" vending machines in Europe. In addition, the company has clients in the U.S. and the Netherlands. And it plans to expand its presence in the United States.

The "Smart Pizza" has a capacity of 64 to 96 pizzas. The machine has a unique heating system that changes its program depending on the type of pizza that's being cooked.

The new machine is modeled on Italian-style vending. It costs 4 to 6 euros. The company is currently raising funds through an online crowdfunding campaign.

Its unique technology is being tested in airports, hospitals, colleges, and convenience stores. Each machine includes a 32-inch flat-screen TV and a disposable pizza cutter. It can store frozen pizzas for a month.