ATVs offer an incredible combination of power and agility that can provide hours of entertainment and exploration. Whether you are looking for a vehicle to explore the woods, haul gear, or just have some off-road fun, owning an ATV can be a proud experience.

However, with so many different models and features, it can be difficult to know which ATV is best for you. And when it comes to purchasing an ATV, you have to ensure you're selecting the right vehicle with all the features you need.

That's why, in this blog post, we'll discuss the top 5 features to consider in your ATV. We'll discuss why they're important and how they can help make your ATV-ing experience more enjoyable.

Read on.


You can't go wrong with a four-wheel drive if you're looking for a rough and tough ATV.

Four-wheel drive (4WD) or all-wheel drive (AWD) means that all four wheels on the ATV are powered, allowing it to tackle more difficult terrain. This is a great feature for anyone looking to take their ATV off-roading, which increases the ATV's versatility and allows you to take it on tougher trails. 

Some ATVs also have selectable 4WD/AWD, so you can switch between two-wheel and four-wheel drive as needed.


The suspension system absorbs the shocks and vibrations from the terrain and helps you maintain control while you ride.

A good suspension system will provide a smooth, comfortable ride and make it easier to traverse rough terrain. Look for adjustable shocks, preload, and high-quality components for the best performance.

Towing Capacity

If you need to transport heavier items such as a boat, camper, or trailer, you'll want to ensure your ATV has the towing capacity to handle the load.

Towing capacity varies depending on the make and model of the ATV, so be sure to do your research and buy an ATV with a suitable towing capacity for your needs.

Storage Options

If you plan to take your CanAm ATV for off-roading, you must ensure enough storage for all the items you will need to bring along. 

Many ATV models come with small saddlebags for added storage, but for a more robust storage option, you may want to look into getting a cargo rack.

These racks are usually made of durable metal materials, allowing you to bring along items like tools and spare parts while on the trails. Also, look for an ATV with a built-in storage compartment to store snacks, beverages, and maps while you're out adventuring.

Speed/Power Settings

If you're looking for an ATV that offers versatility, then speed, and power settings are a must-have. Some ATVs come with preset speed settings, while others allow you to adjust the power level according to your needs.

This is important if you're tackling tough terrain or need to shift between slow and fast speeds quickly. Look for a model with multiple speed and power settings to get the most out of your ATV.

Braking System

A good braking system allows for comfortable vehicle stopping.

Look for a model with hydraulic brakes and disc brakes on all four wheels, giving you more control over the ATV. Also, check if the ATV has an anti-lock braking system, which helps you maintain control even on slippery terrain.

Final Word

When purchasing a new ATV, research all the features and pay attention to the top 5 features we discussed in this blog post. From 4WD/AWD, suspension, towing capacity, storage options, speed/power settings, and braking system, select an ATV with all these features for a safe and enjoyable ATV-ing experience. Happy trails!