There are various types of RV sewer hose supports. These include the Gutter-type, Accordion-type, Easy Slider, and Valterra types. The purpose of these devices is to hold the Sewer Hose in place without using straps or strapping. These sewer hose supports are 4 inches high at their lowest point and are lightweight and durable.


Accordion-type RV sewer Hose Supports can help to prevent the hose from bending during travel. They are made of durable plastic and are made to be compact and lightweight. They also include a storage handle. They are available at a reasonable price. However, there are certain considerations you should consider when purchasing this product. You should make sure it is sturdy and doesn't take up too much space.

The first thing that you should consider when purchasing an RV sewer hose support is its durability. A good product should be made of durable materials and offer rust-resistant protection. You should also pay attention to the style of the RV sewer hose support. A cute design isn't enough - you need to consider the style and color that best complements your RV.

A sewer hose support should be placed under the waste port of the RV. Its goal is to keep the sewer hose in one place and prevent it from twisting. It also reduces wear on the sewer hose by extending it downward. Besides, it can be adjusted according to the obstacles you encounter when using the sewer. You can use tie down straps to secure the sewer hose to the support.

Another important factor in selecting the best sewer hose support is the size of the sewer hose. Some RV sewer hose supports allow you to choose the angle you want the pipe to be at while draining. Others allow you to adjust the height up to seven inches.

An RV sewer hose support is a convenient tool to have on hand. It helps to prevent waste from getting trapped in the sewer hose and drains it down to the drain. They also help to keep the sewer hose from venting back into the RV.

RV sewer hose supports are made of a material that will not rust. They are also weather-resistant, which means they won't be affected by climatic conditions.


The gutter-type on an RV can make the installation of sewer hose supports difficult. It's important to purchase a high-quality support that can withstand rough surfaces. It should be adjustable and sturdy enough to go over rocks and other obstacles, and it should be built with anti-rust materials. It also needs to be portable so it can be stored when not in use.

A good RV sewer hose support can be folded or stacked when not in use, so it will be easier to store. Moreover, you can clean it before storing it. This is important for the support's longevity. Most hose supports come with a warranty.

Besides being flexible, an RV sewer hose support should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the sewer hose. There are several types of sewer hose supports, but the most popular one is accordion type. This kind of support is easier to transport, and stores better than gutter-type supports.

In addition to preventing leaks, sewer hose supports also prevent punctures and holes in the sewer pipe. They also prevent the waste from spilling, which can cause health problems. Using RV sewer hose supports will help you avoid these problems and keep your RV running smoothly.

Sewer hose supports for RVs can be made of aluminum or plastic. They can be used indoors or outdoors. You just need to choose the material that is durable and weather resistant. Plastic supports can be easily cleaned and are often cheaper than aluminum ones. The price tag of a DIY sewer hose support is also less expensive than the price of a commercially produced one.

An RV sewer hose support should be durable. It should support the length of the drain hose and be able to resist rust. It should also be lightweight so that you can easily move it around. A lightweight design also makes it easier to store. If you need to move it around often, it's best to purchase a product made of aluminum or plastic.

Choosing an RV sewer hose support is an important part of maintaining your RV. You'll want to choose one that is designed to work well in rainy and unsteady terrains. It should be sturdy, yet flexible, and resistant to rocks. It should also be easy to store and protect the hose from rust.

Easy Slider

Easy Slider sewer hose supports are made of extruded plastic and won't bend or break. They also provide an even flow, so you don't have to worry about backup or overflow. The three-section support has a chain for easy attachment and storage, and they come in reusable cartons.

While RV sewer hose supports may not be the most expensive items, they shouldn't be taken lightly. When choosing one, be sure to create a realistic budget and account for every detail and feature of the model. For example, a thirty-foot support will cost more than a fifteen-foot one. It's essential to keep your budget reasonable and stay within it, or the process will become difficult.

The Easy Slider RV sewer hose support can be adjusted to fit a variety of standard sewer hoses, including those that are 10 feet long. Its UV-treated fabric prevents rust and keeps the product in good condition for many years. The hose support is also lightweight and easy to store. This makes it the ideal choice for RV sewer hose support. And if you don't have a sewer hose, you don't need to worry.

If you're in the market for a RV sewer hose support, there are several brands available. The Easy Slider has three sections that are each 3 feet long, and each section is adjustable. It also has a self-fastening strap and storage handle. It weighs over a pound and is easy to store.

Sewer hose supports are a handy RV accessory that make sewer dumping much easier. They support the sewer hose, and many of them can be tilted as high as seven inches! This helps keep the waste flow smooth. These supports can even help prevent the gray tank from filling up. In addition, they make it easier to dump the black tank.

Aside from being portable, Easy Slider RV sewer hose supports also save storage space and keep your hose from tangling. You can even make one of your own from PVC pipe and a few pins, making it a cost-effective DIY project.


These sewer hose supports are designed to accommodate most standard sewer hoses. They work with hoses up to 10 feet in length. Made of durable material, they can withstand years of use. They feature easy-to-grasp knobs to adjust the hose support to your particular needs.

They are a great way to prevent a sewer hose from falling down on rough ground or tripping on rocks. They are also strong and flexible, allowing you to curve the hose around obstacles and safely avoid hazards. The best sewer hose supports also feature adjustable middle and end connectors, allowing you to customize the length to fit your needs.

Sewer hose supports are extremely useful RV accessories that will make dumping waste a breeze. Not only will they make dumping waste easier, but they'll prevent your black water tank from overflowing. You can even use them to keep your gray tank from filling up! Just make sure you follow the instructions on the sewer hose supports, as each one has different guidelines.

Sewer hose supports are a great way to protect your hose from abrasion and rust. You can choose from a variety of different styles to fit your needs. You can also buy a single model to hold several hoses. Just be sure to choose one that has adjustable lengths and is made of durable materials to withstand the toughest of situations.

A Valterra RV sewer hose support is the perfect solution for keeping your hose off the ground. These supports will prevent your hose from sagging and overflowing. You can also use them to connect to your sewer pipe outlet. The support is designed to telescopically extend to the length of your sewer hose. When not in use, the hose can be folded up and stored away.

Before purchasing your hose supports, make sure they have a warranty. Some come with one year, while others offer lifetime warranties. Check the warranty and read customer reviews to determine whether it will cover any issues.