Getting a puppy is exciting. Those first moments that you bring him home and realize you have a new furry friend that is there to make everyone in the family happier are ones you will never forget.

But what happens when it comes time to take a trip? You certainly will not be wanting to leave your little puppy all alone, or with strangers for that matter.
While some pet owners get a bit nervous about traveling with pets, it is much easier to do if you have the best pet products there to support you. All it takes is a little bit of preparation and planning to make traveling you’re your new puppy a fun and non-stressful experience.
In fact, traveling with a puppy is a great way to train them and get them quickly adapted to a variety of environments.
When it comes to the long list of pet owner tips that you should be following, one of the most important to keep in mind is to have an easy way to carry your dog. In fact, there is something called a dog carrier that will make traveling with your new puppy an absolute breeze.
We are going to share all the details on what to look for in a dog carrier and the other things to keep in mind when traveling with your new puppy.
1. Practice a Small Trip First
If you are still fresh from bringing a new puppy home, then you will not want to risk doing a long-haul trip right away. Instead, do a trial run and plan a smaller trip to see how your puppy does.
For example, go for a drive to a neighboring city and see how your puppy goes in the car. Depending on their prior experience before getting you as their owner, riding in a car may still be a completely new concept for them. So test out what a short drive will look like before subjecting them to hours on end in a car—where both of you become miserable by the end.
When doing the trial run, look for signs of stress and see if they get car sick.
2. Get them a Carrying Case
If your puppy is easily excitable or equally wants to just chill, getting them their own carrier is a great way to give them their own space. Not only will it make it easy to give them their own designated spot in the car or even on a plane, but it will act as a little safe haven for them.
They will be able to sleep, chill and eat in their carrier case. Best of all, there are plenty of stylish carriers to choose from too. If you are juggling traveling with multiple people in addition to your puppy, having them in a dog carrier will equally make it less stressful in terms of keeping an eye on them.
3. Give them Calming Supplements
Dog CBD is becoming more and more common—and is proven to be able to help keep stressed-out puppies relaxed. Of course, talk to your veterinarian first about seeing if CBD is the right type of calming supplement to give them. But if your puppy is likely to get stressed out, this is a great way to take the edge off.
4. Have Their Credentials
Things can always go wrong when traveling, even for puppies. That is why you want to travel with identification for both yourself and for them too. Either have a copy of their medical records or a recent photo. You can also get a microchip in them too with all the relevant information. This will help greatly if your puppy gets lost while you are traveling or has a medical emergency. Better to prepare for the worst than not at all.
5. Get Pet Insurance
In addition to having their pet credentials, you will also want to make sure that your puppy has been signed up for pet insurance. This will allow you to bring them to nearly any veterinarian in the country without having to pay more. You will have peace of mind for your big adventure and know you can get your puppy the help they need if something goes wrong.
6. Pack Puppy Snacks
Traveling is the perfect time to indulge in delicious snacks. But snacking is not just for people, it is for puppies too. If you are bringing your puppy on the road with you, make sure to pack them some treats too. Not only will you be able to reward them for good behavior, but ensures they won’t go hungry either.
Traveling with a puppy can be really exciting if you are prepared with these six things. From dog carriers to puppy snacks, you want to have it all.