Before playing any casino game, it is a good idea to be fully on top of the rules, regulations, and laws that could impact what you are doing. Considering this, it is worth looking at the gambling laws that play a part in your enjoyment of a wide range of games. 

The minimum age to gamble in California is 18 years old; however, a number of casinos have state a minimum entry age of 21 in order to comply with state alcohol laws. Ultimately, like in many other US states, there have not been major changes in the law, which means the legalities of gambling in California are fairly clear. Still, a few key areas need to be taken into account to enjoy the hobby properly in line with the law.

Gambling Online Is a Grey Area 
Is it legal to gamble online in California? This question can prove to be something of a confusing subject. While many of the traditional casinos that you find in the likes of Las Vegas in Nevada are not permitted in the same way in California, there is a difference when it comes to online casinos. 

At the moment, there is not a law addressing the world of online gambling and casinos properly, which is largely down to the fact that the law is slower to catch up with tech. Ultimately, it is extremely unlikely that individuals will be prosecuted for playing online casino games, as it is legal for the most part.

There is some linguistic confusion within the law in California, though. At present, the illegal owning and/or operation of an unlawful gaming machine is a misdemeanor charge – and the same is true of the second charge as well. Technically, while it could be conceived that a laptop or a smartphone could be classed as an ‘illegal gambling machine’, it will be highly unlikely that it would be treated as such – arguing such semantics would be a huge waste of police resources.

Legal Real-Life Gambling Is Available in Four Main Formats 
As for in-person gambling, while it is not as widely permitted as it is in places like Nevada, there is no doubt that people do indulge in it in a range of different formats. 

To begin with, there are sanctioned card rooms that are allowed to operate in California. In these places, people play against one another rather than playing directly against the house. Next, there are also Native American casinos, which are permitted to operate as they take place on land that has been designated for these tribes specifically.

Lottery games are also highly popular within the state of California. Plus, charity gambling is also another format that is allowed, as well as playing in a social environment, so long as the host of the game is not making any profit from the gambling event. 

Final Thoughts
Now, you have a basic overview of California’s gambling laws. Of course, the legalities behind the activity will likely change, as they tend to do across the US. As such, be sure to stay up to date with the law if you enjoy gambling in California – be that in online casinos and betting sites or at in-person gambling establishments.