Sometimes your home just needs a refresher. You can think it looks stylish and doesn’t need another lick of paint or a radical wallpaper. You can love how it looks, there is just something off. We’re breaking down how you can give your home a little spruce up without needing to stop at the hardware store.

Have a clear out

The best way to spruce up a home is to make it look less messy. No one is saying you are messy, everything you have that is making the room messy might be decorative pieces, but if you have too many of them it clutters the room and gives your eye nowhere to rest. In turn, this defeats the purpose of your decorative pieces because they’re all vying for attention and getting none. Pull back on those pieces and focus on a few. You can find places for these things if you look hard enough and buy the right furniture. Look for furniture that doesn’t “display”. Anything with doors and drawers is optimal, rather than say, a TV unit made up of display cubes that are just open to the public. There is nowhere for anything banal on that unit, like the TV remotes or a box of tissues, so they’re just out, cluttering the rest of the room.

Get organized

Along the same lines, there is a reason all those TikToks and Instagram reels are showing people “organizing their pantry”, “organizing their garage”, “organizing their spice rack”. Our brains like looking at it. It takes something messy and chaotic, and, in 30 seconds, it becomes calm and structured. We’re not about to tell you organizing anything is going to take 30 seconds, but it will be worth it if you go for it. Find a place for everything and put everything in its place.

And there are a lot of little ways you can add cohesion to everyday life. Like jars and boxes for kitchen staples like flour and sugar, matching shampoo and conditioner bottles, smaller jars for spices, hanging kitchen utensils from hooks on the wall, etc.

Invest some new furniture

A statement furniture piece is a great way to make a radical and bold change in your home that won’t overwhelm the room and won’t take the work of pulling everything apart to put it back together again. A good statement piece can draw the eye and add some color or style to a room.

And, to combine these two previous options, you can always get some multi-purpose furniture that will store away anything you can’t throw out but is taking up too much attention from the eye where it is. Put the towels and linens under the bed, literally, put the crockery behind the doors of a display cabinet, move DVD and game collections into drawers and doors.

And you don’t have to worry about the money aspect when it comes to furniture. A lot of furniture stores today offer furniture finance. Even if you have bad credit furniture store companies may allow you to buy your statement piece now, as soon as you fall in love with a piece, and pay for it later when it is more convenient to you.