If you are considering taking a holiday but are lost on what sort of trip to take, you aren’t alone. With so many options out there, you can get caught up wondering just what is the best for you. One holiday type that is quickly growing in popularity is a hiking holiday. Hiking holidays are a fantastic way to see hidden parts of the world, get active and make the most of your time off. They can help you to de-stress, get fitter and take in incredible views. If you aren’t convinced, we have put together a roundup of some of the top reasons to go on a hiking holiday.

You can see beautiful hidden parts of the world

One of the best parts about a hiking holiday is you get to explore hidden corners of the world that you would not get to see any other way. By heading off the beaten track and onto mountains, valleys and other places you can really broaden your horizons and get the chance to see new places. You could choose to do a hiking holiday in your home country or abroad depending on what you are after and you can be surprised at just how many amazing places there are to discover that you would never have known about otherwise.

You will feel better when you return home after

When you go on a normal holiday, you tend to eat and drink your way through the break. While this is fun, you often return home having piled on the pounds and feel lethargic, sickly and as though you need a good detox. The best thing about a hiking holiday is that it gives you a break while also enabling you to become a better and fitter version of yourself. You need to have a certain level of fitness to go on a hiking holiday and you will want to be in good shape to keep up with others when you go. All the steps and fresh air will be fantastic for your health.

You can meet other people

Another fantastic thing about hiking holidays is that you can choose to do group holidays which enable you to meet other like-minded individuals. Routes such as Camino de Santiago offer a great way to meet other people and do a hike safely and in a guided route. One of the most famous ancient pilgrim routes, there is a lot of foot traffic meaning even if you don’t go as a group, you can soon meet others along one of the several Camino de Santiago routes who you might make friends with.

These are just a few of the reasons why hiking holidays are growing in popularity. With so many different options and advice, it has never been easier to organise. You will become fitter, see beautiful views and create memories that will last you a lifetime. Have you been on a hiking holiday recently? If so, do you have any tips for making the most of it? Let us know!