That's not a new expression. I'm sure you're all ready to add new clothes to your wardrobe. Well, we're more than pleased to report that there's an excellent outlook for men's fashion this year and beyond. Fashion Week runways in New York, London, Milan, and Paris are centered around freedom and hope. Recent years focused on muted tones and minimalism, but that's not to be this year. The "less is more" approach is being replaced with the "more is more" attitude.

Our closets are beginning to wear playful patterns and cheerful colors, and this year's trends had a firm grasp of the assignment. So perhaps you're set to connect with the world outside, but your wardrobe is drawing you back?

Keep reading for fun ways by which you can reinvent your fashion style.

From daring cuts and vibrant hues to upgraded trends of past decades, men's fashion trends in the current century are exciting than ever. If you are looking for the best ways to rebrand your inner trendsetter, then, by all means, grab this chance. It is the opportunity you've been waiting for. The truth is, there are many easy and fun ways to update your fashion style while traveling, commuting, and more.

So come with us as we take a peek into the fashion lens with the top eight men's fashion trends of all times:

1. Robe style jackets

If you've been struggling with the taking of your "I wear this just to lounge around my balcony" robe, especially in the winter months, you'll be happy with a robe-style jacket. A robe-style coat is similar to a bathrobe in that they tie around the waist while the hemline falls beneath the knee. You'll be happy with a leather or fur version of the jacket because they will keep you cozy for a couple of months, and I bet that by spring, we will be seeing canvas styles and lightweight suede everywhere.

2. Closet essentials
So much has changed in the last few years, including how your clothes fit. Perhaps this should be the inspiration you need to retouch your closet essentials and do a fast try-on of your basic wear. Do they work well? Are they looser or tighter than you remember? The deciding factor for feeling and looking your best is ensuring that your threads are well-fitted.

A great place to start is finding a shirt that best fits your build. Do you have broad shoulders, long arms, or other fit challenges? You can try tall-fit shirts and maybe button-ups with extra stretch. Then, you try slim, relaxed, or straight jeans and pants and see if they complement your frame. Once you've got a strong foundation of basics, then you're rest assured that nothing can stop you when exploring these trends. Classic leather jackets and hooded safari jackets are contenders for men's fashion for all times.

3. Turtleneck knits


Have you had a glimpse of season 25 of The Bachelor? If yes, then you'll need one to tell you that Matt James, the renowned bachelor wore a turtleneck on every date. But, methinks, he deserves some credit for the turtleneck trend dominating the men's fashion world. Matt's fashion choice was smart because turtlenecks look good on everyone, and you can easily layer them underneath any jacket. Furthermore, Etro and other designers put colorful printed cropped turtlenecks within a single show, meaning that the trend can't get messed up as long as you are putting on a turtleneck or something similar.

4. Puffer jackets

Puffer jackets are all over town. They've been everywhere the past two winters, and according to reports by the men's runway shows, we'll see more puffer jackets this year. In addition, Gorpcore's emergence has increased the popularity of the quilted material.

Gorpcore can be associated with hiking apparel, but Gall, DSquared2, and other designers have taken it to new heights with accent sleeves, puffer pants, and rock-climbing harnesses. There's no better way to jump into this trend than by pairing a puffer jacket with your favorite hiker-style boots.

5. Structured shoulders
A well-structured shoulder powers up your silhouette and is the perfect shape to wear when you need a confidence booster. So, what will trend include strong-shouldered jackets, jumpsuits, and sweaters in various hues and materials?
A strong shoulder can instantly elevate something initially simple – let's say a soft knit. And it is relatively easy to DIY.

6. Overalls
While I agree that we may be past the days of slovenly lockdown dressing, the truth is that it may be hard to do away with a couple of our low-key sartorial habits. This is best illustrated with the continuation of the baggy, saggy overall trend which has stayed behind for the past few seasons.

7. What about an architectural sweater?
There was a time when chunky, lumpy jumpers weren’t welcome as Christmas gifts. But now, the reverse is the case. Most of the world’s celebrated designers have rebranded the nana kit as the primary component of your winter wardrobe. We have no doubt that in autumn/winter, there will be a big trend for huge architectural knits with tons of extra structure.

8. Chisel-toed boots
Chisel-toed boots have been busy up and the down the world’s runways for a while now. Where this trend started in its most recent iteration is a subject of controversy, with some crediting Rick Owens “Tractor” boot as the progenitor.

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