Coffee. It's everyone's favorite beverage and something many of us require early in the morning. The statistics even say Americans absolutely love their coffee. But they also love the accessories, ceremony, and mugs in which the coffee is served. 

Indeed, coffee mugs are a big business these days and your organization can benefit from offering them as a sale or promotional items. When it comes to using them for marketing purposes, they offer a fine and relatable way to engage with your patrons. There are so many promotional coffee mugs to choose from for marketing purposes. Here are five that work well for promotional purposes.

Classic Mugs

This is the quintessential coffee mug, with a simple design and a sturdy build. It's perfect for businesses that want to give their customers a reliable mug that they can use every day. They're made with a sturdy build (usually from ceramic) and can handle daily use, and they come in a simple design that's easy to customize. Plus, they're affordable enough for businesses of any size to give out as gifts. Classic ceramic mugs are great for hot or cold beverages, but excel when it comes to keeping coffee hot. Classic mugs are a great way to show your customers you care. Better yet, their ideal for personalization. You can put logos, characters, slogans, and whatever you please on a classic mug and it won't look out of place on somebody's shelf. Take advantage of this by putting your company information somewhere prominently on the mug and you can create essentially passive advertising whenever somebody uses it. Classic mugs are a great addition to anybody's dishware collection, so be sure to go with quality, buy in bulk, and optimize them with your logo.

Travel Mugs

A travel mug is perfect for people who like to take their coffee on the go. It has a spill-proof lid and a durable construction, so it can withstand being thrown in your bag or car cup holder. There are many pros and cons to offering travel mugs as promotional items. Customizing them with a logo can help drive engagement, but there is also the potential for them to be misplaced or forgotten, especially for frequent travelers and the absent minded folks out there who might forget they even have one. Travel mugs can be useful, and have some definite benefits, which outweigh the drawbacks significantly. Customers can use them on a daily basis, helping to increase brand awareness. They're useful and practical, which means people will likely use them often. Mugs can be customized with logos or other designs, making them more unique and engaging. Choosing travel mugs is a promotional device can help you forge relationship with new customers and might be an ideal gift for a basket or Trade show. It ultimately depends on what you hope to achieve and how you want to use your promotional items for your marketing strategy.

Novelty Mugs

If you're looking for something fun and unique, you might try out a novelty mugs! These mugs come in all sorts of fun shapes and designs, making them great conversation starters at your next meeting or social gathering. These can be something as simple as a mug shaped like a piece of food, a mug with a goofy slogan on it, or a mug that is shaped like a barrel or some other apparatus. Novelty mugs offer a fun and engaging way to show you have a sense of humor. Include your logo somewhere on the mug as well as your business information so people know that it came from you. They might also feature prominently in some of your advertising, especially if you use online ads, social media contests, or decide to do some marketing with video. There are even some novelty mugs shaped like animals or household items. Your imagination is really the only limit when it comes to offering novelty months, so if that's something you plan to do for promotional purposes, be sure to have some fun and give your customers some interesting choices!

Customized Logo Mugs

If you want your customers to feel special, then why not give them a customized mug? We can print your business logo or slogan onto each mug, making it the perfect way to show off your brand identity. Consider buying bulk custom coffee mugs and having them imprinted with your logo or special branding information. This is not dissimilar to what you would do for ceramic mugs or novelty mugs, but serves the purpose of focusing specifically on your customized logo. There are plenty of reasons to do this. It can result in higher brand recognition. They can bring more customers to the table, it can show existing customers that you have a cool brand identity. Ultimately, customized logo mugs can do a lot of the leg work when it comes to generating interest in your business and should not be overlooked as a promotional opportunity.

Eco-Friendly Mugs

If you're looking for an environmentally friendly option, try offering a decent selection of eco-friendly mugs. Eco-friendly mugs are made with sustainable materials like bamboo or cornstarch plastic. These materials can be recycled and reused, which makes them a more sustainable option than traditional mugs. Strangely enough, eco-friendly mugs aren't just environmentally friendly; they're actually a little bit more durable sometimes. They can be used quite often and multiple times before requiring replacement. That also reduces the amount of waste associated with disposable cups. If your customers are looking for a way to help reduce your carbon footprint while also enjoying their coffee, eco-friendly mugs can be just what they're looking for to achieve that goal.