Although traditional banks shy away from borrowers with bad credit, there are many alternative loan options available. Poor credit is defined as a FICO score that ranges from 350 to 579. If a borrower with bad credit goes to a traditional lender, they still have options but will likely need a co-signer. With this guide, individuals will learn how much they can get a loan even if their credit score is lacking. 

Many Things Impact a Person's Credit Score

Credit scores go up and down. Most traditional banks want to see credit scores of at least 650. Late payments and mountains of debt can both impact a person's credit score and make it more difficult for them to be approved for a loan. Those who are struggling with poor credit should visit People with poor credit can borrow thousands of dollars from some lenders, depending on their income and loan needs.

How to Get a Personal Loan With Bad Credit

Before even attempting to get a loan, people need to know their credit score. Checking their credit report allows a person to ensure everything is accurate. Erroneous entries can bring a credit score down, but it is possible to have these removed. Once a person knows their credit score, they can get started on the process of seeking a loan despite their poor credit. 

Borrowers need to make sure they can repay the loan. No matter the reason for seeking a loan, this is an vital first step in the process. Inability to pay will only make a person's credit score worse. Approaching a loan with caution is wise. 
Comparing different bad credit loans becomes essential for those needing to borrow money. Borrowers who have a relationship with a bank or credit union should start there first. Getting a co-signer is another option. Comparing the terms of each lender will help borrowers decide which loan they should seek. 
Prequalification is another important step in seeking a personal loan. Those with bad credit have been through the humiliating process of being turned down by banks. Many lenders, especially those dealing with alternative loans, allow borrowers to seek prequalification online. People can find out instantly if they are likely to be approved. 
Secured loans are always an option for people with poor credit. These loans are backed by the assets of the borrower. A home, car, and even land can be used as collateral for a personal loan. Borrowers should learn about their options. 
Before applying for any loan, borrowers need to ensure they gather all their financial documents. A person will likely need their W-2 forms from the last couple of years, tax returns, bank statements, pay stubs, and utility bills. Having these documents gathered from the beginning will save borrowers time and aggravation. 

Lenders Will Perform a Hard Credit Check

It is important to remember that lenders are going to perform a hard credit check that will temporarily lower a person's credit score. Borrowers should be careful how many loans they apply for because it can look as if they are applying for loans they cannot afford. Multiple hard credit checks can tank a score and prevent a person from getting the loan they need. 

Start the Process Today

Although it is more difficult to get a loan with bad credit, it is not impossible. With the above steps, borrowers will prepare themselves to take action. Comparison shopping is essential when searching for a bad credit loan. Borrowers should never take the first offer because they could receive a better rate and terms elsewhere.